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Videos about using the NHS during COVID-19 in different languages 

To help encourage communities to use the NHS if they need to, the BME Health Forum, Imperial College medical students and West London CCG have co-produced videos about using the NHS during the pandemic in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Sylheti and Somali.

We hope to soon have them also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Please view the videos at the links below:

Working with NHS Imperial Healthcare Trust to improve services and trust for BME communities

In the following video Nafsika Thalassis, Director of the BME Health Forum speaks about our work with NHS Imperial Healthcare Trust in responding to BME communities' concerns during the pandemic.

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» Research project on BAME experiences of Dementia

UCL researcher is seeking participants for a study that is exploring the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on community dementia care for black and minority ethnic groups. They are particularly interested in speaking to those with memory problems aged 65+, with a diagnosis of dementia, capacity to provide consent, South Asian or Afro-Caribbean background.

» COVID19 Vaccine Survey

NW London CCGs in collaboration with Healthwatch are undertaking a survey into residents’ attitudes to the Covid vaccine. 'With the UK Government awaiting confirmation of COVID-19 vaccine's safety from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), we would like to know what the public's view is on receiving a potential vaccine. Have your say, so we can help NHS services understand what matters most to you.'

» Update of COVID-19 Test Centres in Westminster

Please see the latest updates regarding test centres in Westminster including newly available local COVID-19 testing without the need to book. Residents who may have been unable to book a test via the NHS can now call Westminster Connects on 020 7641 1222 and a testing slot will be booked on the their behalf and should be available within 24 hours of the resident calling in.

» Compassionate Communities Grant - Imperial Healthcare Charity

Compassionate Communities is a new Imperial Health Charity (IHC) funded grant initiative that seeks to help North-West London (NWL) communities who are adversely affected by COVID-19. It will do this by supporting organisations that have strong relationships with local people and are working closely with partners across the area.

» Wellbeing after critical illness with covid - participants sought for research study

Have you had critical illness with COVID-19? We are looking for volunteers who identify as Black, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Mixed or any other Minority Ethnicity to talk to a researcher (by phone or videocall) about their experiences of being critically unwell with COVID-19.

» Invitation for people to take part in an advisory panel for research

Hello, my name is Madeleine Tremblett and I am a Qualitative Researcher at the University of Oxford. I work on projects that aim to improve communication in healthcare settings, and am currently looking at the best way that family doctors (GPs) can best provide advice about weight to people living with obesity that is both helpful and useful. We are inviting people with experience of living with obesity to join a panel to help advise the study team.

» 'How to Zoom' training for older residents PLUS Open Age main office number change

Are you doubtful, anxious, not sure if it's for you? Then join our 'How to Zoom' sessions. Open Age are offering small, supportive, tutor-led group sessions specific to your device. ALSO please note that Open Age have now changed their main office number to 020 4516 9978.

» Update on NHS Flu vaccination programme for 2/3 year olds

All children aged 2 and 3 can have a free flu vaccine at their GP practice. The vaccine is usually given as a single painless spray squirted up the nose. This spray contains a highly processed from of porcine gelatine. The NHS are now able to offer an alternative to families who prefer not to have the nasal spray. Parents of 2/3year olds can request an injected flu vaccine for their child at their GP practice. This injected vaccine does NOT contain gelatine.

» Report of Joint Committee on Human Rights: Black people, racism, and human rights

Please download and see the House of Commons/ House of Lords Joint Committee on Human Rights report: Black people, racism, and human rights - including formal minutes relating to the report.

» Baby and Me Group

Notting Dale Maternity Champions are happy to restart their 'Baby & Me' sessions for parents and pre-school children. We are collaborating with Alex D Great, the local calypso artist and storyteller, so you can expect a lot of live music, stories and fun. As always, our Maternity Champions would offer information and support. The sessions will be held on Zoom every Monday at 10am.

» Access to Health New Project: Information and Referral form

‘Access to Health’ is a new project which aims to support homeless and vulnerably housed pregnant women and families with a child/children under 5 years old in Westminster or temporarily housed outside the borough...

» Active for Life - Opportunities to Keep Fit In the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) Leisure Services’ Sports Development Team provides a wide variety of sport and physical activity opportunities for RBKC residents at venues across the borough including targeted sessions for specific groups...

» ADKC Disability Connect project

The Disability Connect project is for socially isolated disabled people (with a physical, sensory or hidden impairment) who need or would like some encouragement and support to get out and about doing activities of interest to them.

» African Women's Care

AWC works with Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) adults, children and young people, fleeing domestic and sexual abuse including forced marriage, human trafficking, female genital mutilation, gang violence and ‘honour’-based violence.

» Al-Aman (DVIP) Arabic Speaking service

DVIP’s Al-aman service has continued to receive funding from London Councils to support women from Arabic speaking communities who have been affected by gender based violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and honour based violence...

» ANGELOU Referrals

On the 1st July ADVANCE in conjunction with eight other organisations launched a shared service across Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster supporting women and girls who are experiencing or have experienced violence and abuse this partnership is called Angelou...

» Arabic Women’s Project at Al-Hasaniya, North Kensington

Based in North Kensington we offer advice and support in health and welfare of Arabic speaking women. We have a Domestic Violence project and also a children and families mental health project as well as many other...

» Befriending for Asian Women at Henna

Henna’s befriender-workers will pay regular weekly or monthly visits to some of the most vulnerable ladies in the community. These visits could be to those who were members of Henna in the past and have been restricted...

» Breathe Easy Support Group

DO YOU LIVE IN PIMLICO AND SUFFER FROM A BREATHING PROBLEM? BREATHE EASY PADDINGTON is your Westminster patient support group, for anyone affected by a lung condition. We offer mutual support, information...

» British Red Cross Refugees and Befriending Project

The British Red Cross runs four 'Refugees and Befriending Projects' (R'n'B) for young unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers aged 14-21. Our peer-led befriending projects are facilitated by peer-befrienders and adult volunteers...