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April 2014 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Date & Time: 30th April, 10am – 1pm

Venue: Lighthouse West London, 111-117 Lancaster Road, W11 1QT

Theme: Reporting on the Forum's community based research on Unscheduled care - the utilisation of A and E and Urgent care services by BME communities


'Emergency or Not' - Unscheduled Care Project findings and recommendations (BME Health Forum) (ppt)

Shaping a Healthier Future - Charing Cross Local Hospital Update - 30th April 2014 (pptx)

Eddie Chan, BME Health Forum Chair and Director of the Chinese National Healthy Living Centre, welcomed all to the meeting and introduced the first item.

Item 1:

Presentation on Findings and Recommendations of the Unscheduled Care Insight Report

Tahera Aanchawan, Interim Director, BME Health Forum, Tom Cornwell, Urgent Care Project Manager, CLCCG and Dr Krishan Aggarwal, Clinical Lead for Urgent Care, CLCCG

Tahera introduced the project. The Unscheduled Care Insight project was delivered by the BME Health Forum and commissioned by Central London Clinical commissioning group in order to gain insight into the patterns of unscheduled care utilisation in deprived communities. The project was co-produced with five organisations;

  • Midaye
  • Healthier life 4 You
  • Abbey Community Centre
  • Marylebone Bangladesh Society
  • Westminster Mind.


The Forum recruited, via an open recruitment process 5 community organisations that work with clients from deprived communities in the area covered by NHS Central London CCG to deliver the project.

A questionnaire was co-produced by the Forum, the 5 community organisations (staff and volunteers) and the commissioners and volunteers nominated by the community organisations were trained to interview participants. 131 interviews (of 76 questions) were conducted.

Selection criteria used to recruit participants:

All the participants had to be registered with a GP within the NHS Central London CCG OR Live within the NHS Central London CCG catchment area and not registered with a GP at all

Additionally, the participants had to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Patients with long term conditions (LTC)
  • Parents of children with LTC
  • Adults without long term conditions who are frequent users of A&E
  • Parents of children without long term conditions who are frequent users of A&E


  • 68% were fluent in English and 32% not fluent in English
  • 30% had used an interpreter
  • 81% were female
  • 73% had LTCs
  • 50% had children under 18, while 19% had children under 18 years old with LTCs
  • 83% were unemployed and of those who were employed, half were in part-time work
  • 87% of the participants were from the BME communities.

A & E Attendance 2012/13

  • 38.4% of the population in Westminster is BME
  • 48.6% of the sum total of all A & E attendances was BME
  • Individual groups of ‘categorised’ BME communities do not represent high A&E usage compared to the different white categories except for
  • the category ‘Any other ethnic group.’ The ‘Any other ethnic group’ constitutes 11.1% of the local population and yet has 26% attending A&E


There was a fairly high number of visits for self to A&E over a period of 2 years
  • 44% went 1 to 2 times
  • 39% went 3 to 4 times
  • 10% went 5 to 6 times
  • 6%  went 7 to 8 times

Over a period of 2 years 85% of the adult participants had accessed A & E services

  • When asked about their visits to A&E within the last two years and how quickly they felt they needed to be seen, 88% responded that they needed to be seen within 4 hours while no respondents felt they could have waited longer than 12 hours
  • Just over 50% of the participants were able to see the GP within 12 hours. 
  • When asked why they went to A&E without trying to go to the GP first, 67% replied because they would not be seen quickly enough, rather than because the issue could not be dealt with at a GP practice
  • 57% felt that A&E offers a better service than their GP practice.

When asked why Not gone to GP first, here are some of the reasons:

  • 28% thought that GPs offered a better service than A&E
  • 74% felt their healthcare was ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ at A&E
  • 63% felt their care was ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ at a GP practice
  • The majority of respondents valued their relationship with their GP practice and particularly their regular GP (when they had one)

Respondents were asked what changes would make them go to a GP rather than A&E

  • 59% selected same day appointments
  • 41% better facilities, equipment and tests
  • 17% more faith in the GP’s expertise
  • 16% a better relationship with the GP
  • Respondents suggested GP surgeries opened in the evenings and on weekends – there seemed little awareness of the other urgent care services
  • A better systems for booking urgent appointments that did not rely on a brief time slot to call and had greater capacity.

Recommendations for Primary Care

  • Those who feel that they need urgent care want to be seen quickly and have little awareness of other options besides A&E when their GP practice is closed.
  • The most significant reason for attending A&E rather than a GP practice was the speed with which people could be seen.

To rectify this it is recommended:

  • A guarantee to patients that when they have an urgent need they can be seen by a GP in a GP surgery, Urgent Care Centre, Walk-in Centre or Out Of Hours service within 4 hours.
  • Ensure every GP practice has an effective and consistent appointments system for seeing urgent cases, particularly children and older people within 4 hours during their opening hours.
  • Where practical investigations should take place in primary care rather than in the hospitals.
  • Pilot drop in clinics that are open late in the evening (e.g. until midnight)
  • Raise awareness on the availability of Out Of Hours services through direct conversations with patients as this group of patients do not access information though mainstream publicity such as GP practice websites.
  • Work with health professionals about when it is suitable to advise patients to go to A&E. Many patients reported that they were advised to go to A&E by GPs but also by other staff such as pharmacists or receptionists
  • In line with the CLCCG’s Better Care, Closer to Home strategy bring certain aspects of the experience of A&E that people value to primary care. Patients reported that at A&E they felt that they were seen by experts, had tests done and felt more involved in their care
  • Inform patients more about GPs’ Special Interests. If possible refer patients to other GPs who have a particular expertise.
  • Every effort should be made to involve patients in their care so that they do not feel more involved in their care at A&E than at their GP practice.
  • Ensure patients know how to change their GP practice if not happy with their GP
  • wherever possible that patients with language needs have easy access to an interpreter
  • Provide workshops for GPs and Practice staff on what local community organisations are providing that can support patients.
  • GP reception staff should be trained in working with a diverse community and particularly in working with people whose first language is not English and/or people who suffer from anxiety or mental distress
  • Research should be carried out with patients who attend A&E repeatedly to find out why they do so and what would make them decrease the repeated use of A&E
  • Improve referrals to community organisations and to community run health programmes as these may be able to support patients to stay well and to understand how to access NHS services appropriately.

Recommendations for changes in A&E and Urgent Care

When patients visit A&E inappropriately their experience should be as similar as

possible to attending a GP practice. For example:

  • Patients could be told that they cannot be seen at A&E and have an appointment booked for them with a GP where they can be seen with 4 hours.
  • Patients could be seen by a GP at A&E who would follow the same processes as a GP based in the community (same access to tests etc).
  • Ensure that when a patient goes to A&E the staff have access to the patient’s records to ensure that no unnecessary tests are done or repeated to avoid giving patients the impression that an examination at A&E is more thorough.

Recommendations for Changes in Community Provision

  • Community organisations could be involved in delivering a community education programme that raises awareness within different BME communities about when to utilise which NHS services and what the different services provide
  • Make some provision for community health advocacy which could support patients who have unresolved issues with their primary care in order to ensure they are able to access appropriate primary care and do not attend A&E as a default
  • Provide a structured health education programme targeting people who do not speak English that can support people to manage their long term conditions and teach them how to best manage appointments with their GP, book double appointments if needed, and make complaints.

Recommendation for changes in the collection of Ethnicity data

  • NHS Trusts delivering A&E and urgent care services for the population of Westminster have a contractual obligation to collect ethnicity data. This needs to be done to a higher standard in order to identify who the 26% attending A&E are in order to target the community education programme towards these groups.

[To download the power point presentation for this talk please click on this LINK]


Question: Had the respondents had previous experience of health care in another country and had expectations that might be influenced by overseas experiences.

Answer: Yes, we did talk about this. Often Gps (family doctors) would be a provate practice and when you are unwell it is normal to go straight to the hospital.

Comment: A distinction that has often come up [on this topic] is the question of what is urgent and what is an emergency.

Further comment: There seems to be a confusion around this issue also within the NHS At a GP surgery they will often ask if it is a medical emergency but it is not clear what this is.

Question/ comment: Did you ask respondents what A&E stands for? Many people don’t know.

Answer: This question was not asked.

Attendees were now asked to read through the recommendations and give comments.

Krishan emphasised how a great deal needs to be done around getting the community to understand what are the different services available to them. He also stated that everyone should be able to see a medical professional within 4 hours, go to an urgent care centre or call 111.

Question: If diagnoses are quite hard to get (at GP) how can we know if something is urgent or not. Making an appointment is always via a receptionist and they are not a medical professional.

Answer: More work needs to be done. Some practices are trialling a triage system where the GP decides how urgent the case is and whether they should see someone that day, the next day or that week.

Question: Being able to talk to your GP makes a big difference

Answer: It is really a matter of time and capacity – as a result of getting extra time to talk to your GP will mean there will be less time to fit in more appointments.

Comment/ suggestion: Receptionists should maybe only take routine appointments and if told it is an emergency then immediately passed on to the triage system.

Response to comment: But receptionists will still have to take the decision of whether it is an emergency or not. Perhaps nurses should man phone appointments/ enquiries and receptionists just handle face to face.

Question: What commitment are you making regarding appointment system? And also regarding Urgent care centres – there is some confusion about where these are and the difference between a UCC and A&E – some people don’t know where they have been especially when they are both in the hospital.

Answer: We will have locality coordination – with 12 practices in each group. Urgent Care centres will be more stand alone – you will know the difference. Currently some are impossible to distinguish but we are going to change this.

Question: After having worked with one of the worst accessed GP surgeries in Tower Hamlets we found we needed to look at behaviour change. Receptionists are the gate keepers. We need to work at behaviour change in the NHS and also in the community.

Answer: Absolutely, it is a slow process, but we have started. We are working with reception staff and the more engagement we can have communities the better.

Question: In the recommendations there is something about people going to to A&E because of bad relationships with their GP. Is there something around/ a place for advocacy and encouraging people to assert their rights?

Answer: We have developed guidance now about registering with a GP and changing GP. Complaints – there is a strict policy and procedure and strict timelines around the time it should take to receive a response. Practices should provide this information.

Question: From my own experience of complaining to my practice manager, I can say she did not support me at all. I told her my complaint but she didn’t take me seriously and didn’t seem to believe me.

Answer: Complaints must be in writing. It is a written process/ procedure.

Response: Not many people know this and not many people are empowered o even say they want to complain.

Answer: You need to ask the practice manager or receptionist for a copy of the complaints procedure.

Further comment: It is also possible to raise it with Healthwatch. They have the power to go into any health institution and check things out.

Round table discussions questions:

TABLE 1 and 2

  • Which recommendations are the key priorities and why?
  • Extended GP hours service – would people use this?
  • Why do they think people feel more reassured by tests, scans, etc?

TABLE 3, 4 and 5

  • What would make people feel more reassured about the GP service?
  • What is the role of the community and voluntary sector in enabling everyone to feel an ownership of the NHS in order to maximize the resources available?
  • How can the messaging be better to the wider community about how to utilise NHS services?

[To see the feedback from round table discussion click on this LINK.]


The CCG will pick up all the points raised and will feed back to you.

Tom stated the following points that already being worked on:

  • Receptionist training in general customer service
  • Improved communication between hospital and GP practices
  • A move to one computer system (to encompass GP surgeries and hospitals so when you attend hospital appointments the doctor there will have access to your records.
  • A phone APP for accessing health services is being commissioned for 2015.


Item 2:

Charing Cross Local Hospital Update

Abbas Mirza, Communications Engagement Manager, NHS North West London

Background: All CCGs (7 across North West London) came together in 2011 to plan the  Shaping Healthier Futures vision. An extensive consultation was done in 2012.

As a result a major decision was made to develop Ealing hospital and Charing Cross Hospital.

Lots of engagement in the community was undertaken to establish people’s needs who use the services e.g. at:

  • Interactive design workshop
  • H&F Action on Disability
  • ‘Drop in’ Dawes road Hub
  • Broadway homeless centre

New Charing Cross Hospital -  21st century healthcare facility for the local community

  • Primary care and local emergency care accessible on the same site
  • Care planning, outpatient appointments and access to specialist opinion
  • Beds for 24 hour care - step up and step down beds
  • Community zone – Expert Patient Programme/ Patient buddying service

In 2014 – 2015 further engagement activities will take place to help finalise the plans for final developments.

We really want to come to community groups and work with you.

With construction planned for 2016/17 we hope to open the new local hospital in 2018.

[To see the power point slides for this presentation click on this LINK]

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Healthwatch Central West London have a new Patient Participation Group Best Practice Guide! Thinking about starting up a PPG, joining a group or getting more members for your PPG? Then have a read of this guide! It has top tips on recruiting patients, the roles and responsibilities of a PPG, and the support...

» September 2015 Quarterly Meeting Notes

THEME: DEMENTIA - This was a great event to attend to find out more about how services for people with Dementia have been planned and delivered and question the people in charge of doing so. It was also a great opportunity to find out more about how to support people with Dementia and what services are available in the NHS and the third sector including some specialist services for BME communities.

» Peer Support Network - New Monthly Newsletter (November Issue)

Kensington and Chelsea Mind’s Peer Support Network have a new monthly newsletter, called #PeerTalk. November is the first issue...

» Volunteering opportunities at the Barlby Surgery - Practice Champions

The Barlby Surgery is currently recruiting volunteers (Practice Champions) from Barlby Surgery and the local community. Practice Champions are individuals with the local community that volunteer to develop support groups and health education events for children. These groups will support children and their...

» New Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) Single Point of Access

The new CNWL Single Point of Access was launched on 3rd November 2015. This is a one-stop entry point into working age adult secondary community mental health services for patients living in the North West London boroughs of Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon, K&C, and Westminster...

» Why do men engage less with primary health care? - [from People First Website]

On People First: Why do men engage less with primary health care? Men, on average, visit the GP 20% less than women, and younger men visit the GP half as often as younger women. Men are generally poor users of primary care. They are less likely to access other health services such as dentists...

» Volunteer Prison and Immigration Removal Centre Monitors

About the role: Inside every prison and immigration removal centre there is an Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) - a group of ordinary members of the public doing an extraordinary job.IMB volunteers spend a few days a month independently monitoring day-to-day life in their local prison...

» SMART Projects Stop Smoking Service

SMART Projects is launching a Stop Smoking Service, funded by the Kensington & Chelsea Social Council and in partnership with the Kick-it Stop Smoking Service. SMART will be providing Stop smoking advice on a one to one basis and workshops for people who would like to find out more...

» Maternity Project - Heathwatch CWL + Project management group Meeting on 28th Oct

Healthwatch Central West London have begun a research project on maternity and associated services in our three boroughs (Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham). We want to assess the quality of the experience of women who have delivered and used inpatients,outpatients...

» Al-Aman (DVIP) Arabic Speaking service

DVIP’s Al-aman service has continued to receive funding from London Councils to support women from Arabic speaking communities who have been affected by gender based violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and honour based violence...

» Different Voices’ Directory of Services in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea

A directory of services was produced by the Different Voices Group at The Advocacy Project. It is a user involvement group that focuses on improving inpatient services and tackling the stigma attached to mental health. All the recommendations in the booklet are based on the service users’ own experiences of having used those services...

» Westminster Time Credits - off to a strong start!

Westminster Time Credits Newsletter (October 2015).Since our update announcing that organisations can now sign up to the Westminster Time Credits network we have been super busy here at Westminster Time Credits. Our main focus has been to get out and about to spread the news...

» Flu Vaccination information letter from Public Health (Three boroughs)

Flu season is here again. For most people flu is an unpleasant illness from which they recover in two to seven days. However for children under 6 months, those over 65 years, those with underlying medical conditions and pregnant women, the risk of serious complications is higher. These complications...

» Royal Trinity Hospice launches new dementia service in Kensington and Chelsea

Royal Trinity Hospice has launched a new service to support people with dementia and their carers living in Kensington and Chelsea, tackling recognised inequalities in access to palliative and end of life care.Funded by West London CCG, Trinity’s specialist Community Dementia Nurse will support people...

» Conversational English for beginners (for over 50s)

Brush up on your spoken, written and grammatical English to become a more confident speaker! For people aged 50 and over. TUESDAYs - 10.00am – 12.00pm. £3.00 per class @ New Horizons, Guinness Trust Estate, Cadogan Street, London, SW3 2PF...

» Healthier Homes Project

The Healthier Homes Project is a Public Health funded project to assist in reducing hospital admissions, GP visits and winter deaths caused by residents living in homes that are too cold, damp or are in dangerous conditions that put their health at risk.The project works as a referral service...

» MEWSO Monthly Newsletter-September 2015

The Middle Eastern Women & Society Organisation (MEWSO) is pleased to bring you our second monthly newsletter. MEWSO is a women's run organisation dedicated to providing mental and emotional support to Middle Eastern and North African women who have faced/witnessed domestic violence...

» ANGELOU Referrals

On the 1st July ADVANCE in conjunction with eight other organisations launched a shared service across Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster supporting women and girls who are experiencing or have experienced violence and abuse this partnership is called Angelou...

» MEND Healthy Lifestyle Programmes for Children and Parents

Mytime Active has been commissioned by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council to offer a range of free healthy lifestyle services across the three boroughs. Our Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do It! (MEND)...

» Westminster Time Credits

Spice, the social enterprise that has developed Time Credits -a way of recognising and celebrating the time people give to their community and to encourage more new people to get involved in volunteering – are setting up a local network in Westminster, with a specific focus on South Westminster…

» Medical Justice Press Release: HM Inspector of Prisons 2015 report on Yarl’s Wood - 12/08/15

HM Inspector Prisons 2015 insection of Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre -12th August 2015. “The severe decline in healthcare documented by HM Inspector of Prisons demonstrates that the Home Office and its private contractors have been incapable of learning lessons. The endemic harmful...

» African and African-Caribbean Cancer Support Group (at The Lake Foundation)

The Lake Foundation is a Croydon-based charity that aims to improve the health and well-being of the African and African-Caribbean Community. We run a monthly African and African-Caribbean Cancer Support Group and the aim of the group is to provide anyone who has been touched by cancer with support...

» Victoria Medical Centre in Westminster Rated 'Outstanding' by CQC

The Victoria Medical Centre – the oldest practice in Westminster - was rated ‘outstanding’ in the Care Quality Commission (CQC)’s latest round of reports. The Victoria Medical Centre offers General Practices (GP) services, and specialises in diagnostic and screening procedure, family planning services...

» IRANIAN ASSOCIATION - Advice and Education Centre Services and Classes

General Information and Advice; English Language Classes; English Language Exam; Information Technology Course; Counselling and Group Therapy; Exercise and Health Awareness Workshops; Tests For Citizenship and Settlement; Immigration and Citizenship Advice & Arts and Cultural Activities... ;

» June 2015 Quarterly Meeting notes

THEME: SUPPORTING PEOPLE APPROACHING THE END OF THEIR LIVES. This meeting was about how to best support people who are approaching the end of their lives. Public health are conducting a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) about end of life care and would like to hear from you about how you feel services work currently and any gaps that there might be...

» EWEG's Mental Wellbeing Project (support in Amharic, French, Arabic languages)

EWEG (Ethiopian Women’s Empowerment Group) will provide a safe space for the clients to talk with a trained volunteers on one to one basis. The safe space will give the clients privacy to express their feelings in their own languages.If you are working with BME Groups this might be for you...

» March 2015 Quarterly Meeting notes


» Solace Women’s Aid Ascent Counselling Service (also in other languages)

Solace Women’s aid is an accomplished charitable organisation providing a range of support services to women and children. Our specialist domestic and sexual violence counselling service provides 16 free counselling sessions which includes an assessment, for women and girls from 14 year old...

» IAPT Courses and Workshops

IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) are running one off workshops and 6 weeks courses on a variety of subjects from confidence building, Improving sleep, procrastination, assertiveness and much more. People can refer themselves and organisations can also arrange for sessions to be delivered at their site...

» Health Trainer Service: Hammersmith & Fulham

Health Trainers provide support designed to improve wellbeing and combat the causes of chronic lifestyle-related diseases. Health Trainers are local individuals trained to identify and make contact with others to help improve lifestyle choices such as healthy eating, weight loss, increasing physical activity...

» Be FIT For Work - Dalgarno Community Champions can help

Are you looking to upskill yourself back into work or looking for experience to start work? Dalgarno Community Champions can help you! Here’s how - Supporting Opportunities: Maths and English classes; IT support; CV help; References for future employment; Work placement opportunities in Health...

» Access to Health New Project: Information and Referral form

‘Access to Health’ is a new project which aims to support homeless and vulnerably housed pregnant women and families with a child/children under 5 years old in Westminster or temporarily housed outside the borough...

» Services

» Activities/Courses

» COFFEE MORNINGS with SW1 Community Organisers every Friday 10.30 - 12.00

Share your ideas, chat and catch up on local issues. Open to all SW1 residents. VENUE: The Hinsley Room, Morpeth Terrace. London SW1P 1EW. Time: Every Friday 10.30am - 12pm...

» Exercise for Health and Wellbeing in 2015 with SW1CO (Fridays am)

EXERCISE FOR HEALTH, WELLBEING to increase mobility, balance and sense of well-being. Open to all SW1 residents. VENUE: Hinsley Room, Morpeth Terrace, SW1 TIME: 9.30 – 10.30 AM. Every Friday - £2 donation...

» December 2014 Quarterly Meeting notes


» September 2014 Quarterly Meeting notes


» New Young Women's Domestic Violence project for Arabic speakers

Al-Hasaniya Moroccan's Women's Centre have a new project for young women of Arabic backgrounds who have or are experiencing domestic violence. The service is aimed at young women aged between 16 and 25 years old who live in London...

» June 2014 Quarterly Meeting notes


» Counselling Services for female survivors of domestic and sexual abuse (Westminster and K&C)

Please be aware of the free Therapeutic Services provided by Solace Women’s Aid in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. These include:1to1 counselling for female survivors of domestic violence age 14 + (Ascent). 1to1 counselling for female survivors of sexual violence including child sexual abuse (aged 14+)...

» New Domestic Abuse service for Arabic speaking Women

Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre has recently been successful in securing funding for a new project to support young, vulnerable women of Arabic speaking backgrounds who are or have experienced domestic abuse. Our service is aimed at young women aged between 16 and 25 years old...

» Kick-It FREE Stop Smoking Support service for local communities

The Free Stop Smoking Support sessions include specialist behavioural support by certified Stop Smoking Practitioners, which will improve the client’s motivation as well as help building up capacities and strategies to stay smoke-free...

» Westminster Connect - Peer support group

The peer support is for people aged 18 to 60 who have a physical disability, hearing or sight impairments and those with long term health conditions. Westminster Connect also co-ordinates peer support for Deaf people...

» April 2014 Quarterly Meeting notes

THEME: Unscheduled care - the utilisation of A and E and Urgent care services by BME communities

» Housing and resettlement, Welfare benefits and debt advice (Westminster)

The Bayswater Families Centre, in conjunction with CAB, Homestart and Z2K are holding Drop-in Advice sessions covering: Housing Advice and Assistance; Resettlement Advice and Assistance; Welfare benefits Advice and Assistance; Debt Advice and Assistance...

» Free counselling sessions in Spanish & English at the Migrants Resource Centre

WHY COUNSELLING? There are times in our lives when we experience distressing events and times; when we can find ourselves overwhelmed with feelings that seem to have no obvious explanation.When this happens, counselling can be very helpful...

» Zumba at Portobello Green Fitness Club

Fridays 2 - 3pm, Portobello Green Fitness Club. Price £2.10. It's fun, It's fitness, It's ZUMBA!...

» IKWRO - Self Confidence Support Group for Women

Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO) is registered charity that provides confidential support, advice and advocacy and outreach to women and girls of Middle Eastern origin. We work to help women and girls who are facing gender based violence...

» November 2013 Quarterly Meeting notes


» Employability Services in Westminster (as of 20/01/2014)

In light of all the changes in services in Westminster, I have recently completed a piece of work which is a document listing current employability services available at present for families...

» A Moveable Creche service from the Abbey Centre (South Westminster)

A Moveable Crèche provides an excellent value and flexible childcare service for clients. Sessions are delivered in a venue of your choice, for as many children as the size of the venue permits...

» Drinkwatchers Group EVERY Wednesday

The Horn of Africa Health and Wellbeing Project runs a WEEKLY Drinkwatchers support group on Wednesdays - sessions are free and cover the physical, social and psychological effects of alcohol and support available...

» September 2013 Quarterly Meeting notes


» K&C Mind HARP Group (Hoarding, Acquiring Recovery Planning)

The HARP Support Group is a new, monthly, facilitated self-help programme, for people who are motivated to develop strategies and actions to manage and modify compulsive hoarding behaviour...

» British Red Cross Refugees and Befriending Project

The British Red Cross runs four 'Refugees and Befriending Projects' (R'n'B) for young unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers aged 14-21. Our peer-led befriending projects are facilitated by peer-befrienders and adult volunteers...

» December 2012 Quarterly Meeting notes


» September 2012 Quarterly Meeting notes


» June 2012 Quarterly Meeting notes

» Community Champions Coffee Mornings - Diabetes (starting Wednesday 4th September)

Are you worried about diabetes? Or want to know more about it. Come to our health themed coffee morning. Where alongside your tea or coffee you can engage in health issues which affect you or others around you...

» Active for Life - Opportunities to Keep Fit In the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) Leisure Services’ Sports Development Team provides a wide variety of sport and physical activity opportunities for RBKC residents at venues across the borough including targeted sessions for specific groups...

» July 2013 Quarterly Meeting notes

» Free Days Out for Carers in Kensington and Chelsea

We also offer free training courses, complimentary therapies, other free events, talks and social meet-ups - booking essential...

» Storytelling Women’s Group at the Refugee Therapy Centre.(every Wednesday)

Come along and join our friendly Storytelling Women’s Group at the Refugee Therapy Centre.We welcome women with all levels of English. It’s a great way to get to know new people and practise your language skills.We meet every Wednesday from 11:00am—14:00pm...

» March 2011 Quarterly Meeting notes

» June 2011 Quarterly Meeting notes

» September 2011 Quarterly Meeting notes

» December 2011 Quarterly Meeting notes

» March 2012 Quarterly Meeting notes

Date & Time: 7th March 12, 10am – 1pm, Venue: The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, SW1P 3BU, Theme: Men’s Health & Wellbeing

» March 2013 Quarterly Meeting notes

Theme: Women’s Health & Wellbeing Date: 6th March 2013 Venue: Lighthouse West Lodon

» Domestic abuse and Sexual violence Information about Helpline services in your area

Please see below some information about domestic and sexual violence helplines that are funded by London Councils and available in your area...

» Psychological Therapies in languages other than English

Please note that all NHS psychological therapy services are obliged to provide an interpreter for people who are not fluent English speakers. This includes counselling services offered by GP practices as well as IAPT or other mental health services offered by CNWL or CLCH...

» Personalisation Project at the Chinese Mental Health Association

The Befriending Service at the Chinese Mental Health Association is running a pilot Personalisation project for ethnic Chinese sufferers of mental health. Personalisation is about giving people with needs, choice and control over their care, with support and resources provided by their local authority...

» Fit-for-Life - Free 8 week weight loss programme

This FREE eight week group behaviour change programme is designed to help the patients to lose weight, get fitter and make more informed choices about your diet and lifestyle...

» Deaf Hope Services

Deaf Hope is a new specialist domestic abuse service for Deaf women and children, and the first service of its kind in the UK. We have been established around 18 months and our current funding is...

» Healthier Life for You blog

Healthier LIfe 4 You is a community organisation not for profit with charitable aims. We aim to promote Health and Wellbeing to local people in the community (Families, Children & Young people). As well as running Health workshops, we use Dance, Art & Craft and Leisure activities to enable service users to achieve emotional and Physical wellbeing...

» Public Health Training Service - RBKC

The Royal Borough can help your business. We offer award-winning training on Food Safety and Health and Safety. We also offer Environmental Principles training, Personal Licence Holders training and Customer Service Training...

» FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) Service

West London African Women's service - Community support and information...

» Independent Domestic Violence Advisory Service at ADVANCE

ADVANCE is a specialist domestic violence crisis intervention service. We support women who are assessed as being high or very high risk of continued domestic and sexual abuse and those at risk of being killed...

» Counselling Directory - search for a counsellor or psychotherapist near you

Counselling Directory was set up as a free, confidential service to encourage those in distress to seek help. Visitors can read about different areas of distress, view useful articles written by counsellors and refine their...

» GO4mental health

A website/ directory for mental health service users in Westminster...

» North London Rape Crisis Service

North London Rape Crisis offers free, confidential counselling, advocacy and holistic therapies to women aged 14 and over who live, work or study in Islington, Camden, Westminster, Barnet, Enfield, Kensington and Chelsea and Haringey...

» Health Trainers

Health Trainers provide free one-to-one support, motivation and advice to borough residents (from Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea or Hammersmith & Fulham) over 18 who want to improve their health and wellbeing...

» Women's Wellbeing, Patient Empowerment and Mental Health & Wellbeing projects at Mosaic Community Trust

The Mosaic Community Trust’s Women’s Well-Being Project seeks to empower women who are socially disadvantaged. The Patient Empowerment and Engagement project aims to raise awareness in the local community on the availability and effective use primary care health services...

» Befriending for Asian Women at Henna

Henna’s befriender-workers will pay regular weekly or monthly visits to some of the most vulnerable ladies in the community. These visits could be to those who were members of Henna in the past and have been restricted...

» Substance misuse services - NEW three borough service

Turning Point and Blenheim have been commissioned to provide the new substance misuse service in Westminser, RBKC, and Hammersmith & Fulham. This service is named the Recovery & Wellbeing network and will transform the way that drug and alcohol services are provided locally...

» Help for your Family with Home-Start (Westminster)

We support ANY family in Westminster who needs us, providing there is at least 1 child under 5. Rich or poor, settled or transient.Our trained volunteers help to give encouragement and support to change the pattern of troubled lives...

» NHS videos aimed at newly arrived migrants in various languages

Here are a series of short films on how to use the NHS aimed at newly arrived migrants produced by the Black Health Agency. The film is available in English, Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi/Dari, French, Kurdish, Mandarin, Polish, Somali, Sylheti and Urdu...

» Foot and Toenail Care Service in Westminster

Having Problems Managing your Nail Care??? Apply for Westminster’s new Basic Foot Care Service now!...

» LIVING WELL - Wellbeing services

Living Well offers a wide range of high-quality health related services aimed at providing people with the skills they need to get the most out of life. Services include HIV service, Youth service and Community support service...

» Dementia Adviser Service in Westminster

The Westminster Dementia Adviser service provides advice, information and guidance to those who have received a diagnosis of dementia, as well as their families and supporters. As well as working in partnership with NHS...

» Healthworks

HEALTHWORKS√ offers a range of services to help the residents of Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster and surrounding boroughs

» South Westminster Centre for Health

Provides community and specialist dental services, district nursing, nutrition and dietetics, diabetes and podiatry (foot health) services, Speech and language therapy for children...

» Fit for Work Service in Kensington & Chelsea now expanding to Westminster and Hammermith & Fulham

Fit for Work Service in Kensington & Chelsea now expanding to Westminster and Hammermith & Fulham

» Jobs in Mind

Jobs in Mind, a mental health charity whose varied services provide specialist support and advice around problems at work, training and education. Our mission is to understand, support and enable the recovery of those affected by mental health problems...

» Health Centre for walk-in (unregistered) patients

The Halfpenny Steps Health Centre provides health services for registered and walk-in patients. It is staffed with a team of GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals to deliver a high quality, continuous service...

» Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) - Westminster service

STRESSED, ANXIOUS, DEPRESSED? If you are finding it difficult to cope with feelings of anxiety or depression, we can offer quick and easy access to help and support...

» Employers: Fit for Work Service Leaflet

If you have employees off work sick or struggling with health problems you can refer them to Fit for Work Service at no cost to your business...

» Housing Factsheet Library

Some housing factsheets on key housing issues. The fact sheets provide a very basic summary of the issue, the possible actions you can take, and who to contact for further information...

» Women's Therapy Centre

The Women's Therapy Centre has been offering individual and group psychotherapy to women since 1976. Its access policy ensures that psychotherapy is available to all women, regardless of sexual orientation, disability, cultural or social...

» Arabic Women’s Project at Al-Hasaniya, North Kensington

Based in North Kensington we offer advice and support in health and welfare of Arabic speaking women. We have a Domestic Violence project and also a children and families mental health project as well as many other...

» Get Active! - Affordable activities for all abilities and ages at the Beethoven Centre

See details below for affordable activities for all abilities and ages available at the Beethoven Centre...

» Breathe Easy Support Group

DO YOU LIVE IN PIMLICO AND SUFFER FROM A BREATHING PROBLEM? BREATHE EASY PADDINGTON is your Westminster patient support group, for anyone affected by a lung condition. We offer mutual support, information...

» Dual Diagnosis User Involvement Project [Westminster]

Who? The project is for adults with dual diagnosis mental health and learning disabilities living in Westminster. These are the only criteria for taking part; we aim for the project to be inclusive. It is run by The Advocacy...

» Helpline for Maternity Services

The maternity helpline provides direct access to clinical support and advice to women and their families, irrespective of whether you are a patient of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, a visitor to the area or simply require information and support.

» Westminster Wellbeing - Free NHS service promoting Health and Wellbeing

Westminster Wellbeing is a free NHS service promoting health and wellbeing within communities and organisations in Westminster. We provide a range of services which include training and workshops for community organisations...

» Maternity Action Advice Line

Maternity Action’s Advice Line offers free confidential telephone support. We will listen to you and try to understand all the issues you are facing. We will then provide you with information that is relevant to you and your situation...

» HELP Counselling - low cost short & long term counselling service

Based in Portobello Road, Notting Hill Gate, London, HELP Counselling Centre provides short & long-term counselling based on an affordable, sliding scale for people who need support in negotiating a crisis as well as for those who wish to consider their life patterns and choices...

» Rape Crisis London

Rape Crisis London has four centres that offer help, information and support to women and girls who have experienced sexual violence of any kind, at any time of their lives...

» Jobs/Volunteering