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Registered Charity Number 1151980

Company Number 08013774

Breast, Cervical and Bowel Cancer Screening Project

This project is funded by NHS North West London/ North West London ICS.

The main project purpose is to work together and for the NHS to have greater understanding about the barriers that prevent some of our community members from being screened for cancer.

The feedback and information gathered will help the NHS to respond to those issues and overcome some of these barriers.

The BME Health Forum is working in partnership with 6 organisations to deliver an event, 1-2 focus groups in-person or on Zoom,  and engage individuals with 121 phone call interviews and conversations.

Participating organisations:

  • Iranian Association
  • Middle Eastern Women and Society organisation
  • Ethiopian Women’s Empowerment Group
  • Abdul Mageed Educational Trust
  • Education and Skills Development Group
  • Westminster Bangladeshi Welfare Trust

There are two areas where the focus of the feedback sought will be:

What are the main barriers that prevents people from attending screening appointments?
a) Breast screening
b) Bowel screening
c) Cervical screening

2. What are the main reasons why people do not make contact with their GP if they think they have cancer symptoms?

This project will start on 1st April and finish by 30th June 2023.