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Registered Charity Number 1151980

Company Number 08013774

Insight into the patterns of Unscheduled Care in marginalised and deprived communities                                      

The project is gathering insight into the patterns of unscheduled care in deprived communities. This means finding out the reasons why people from deprived communities use A&E services and why some people receive hospital care in an unplanned way. To achieve this, we have trained local volunteers to interview 125 local people who either have long terms conditions and/or use A&E services frequently. This information will be fed back to commissioners and providers together with recommendations with the aim of improving care for people from deprived communities.

The project will also will provide training and work experience to local people and improve the capacity of local organisations to understand local health services and support their clients in using them appropriately. We will also develop a database of local people from deprived communities who are happy to be contacted to give feedback about NHS services.

This project is being funded by NHS Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The project is being delivered by five organisations that work in the NHS Central London CCG catchment area. The organisations are:

  • Abbey Community Centre
  • Healthier Life 4 U
  • Marylebone Bangladesh Society
  • Midaye, Somali Development Network
  • Westminster Mind

The final report will be submitted to Central London CCG by 14th February 2014.

DOWNLOAD:  Emergency or Not? Unscheduled Care Insight Project Report, April 2014

DOWNLOAD: CCG response to recommendations of Unscheduled Care Insight Project Report, July 2014