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Registered Charity Number 1151980

Company Number 8013774

Healthy Lifestyles (Compassionate Communities)
This service, funded by Imperial Health Charity, helps people from BAME communities to make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes. Small groups of around 10 people meet weekly for 3 months, supported by a trained facilitator from their community. Examples of changes include eating fruit and vegetables with every meal, giving up sugary drinks, walking short distances instead of using public transport, going for a walk every day or joining a physical activity class. People will also receive emotional wellbeing support and help to access health and social care services if needed.
The groups are run by:

  • Iranian Association
  • Middle Eastern Women's Society Organisation
  • Marylebone Bangladeshi Society
  • Al Hasaniya Moroccan Women's Centre
The service runs from February 2024 to March 2025.