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Registered Charity Number 1151980

Company Number 08013774

Multilingual Emotional Wellbeing Service (On the Breadline Fund)

This service provides support to people from deprived communities across Northwest London experiencing racial inequality, who speak little or no English and have intersecting issues including homelessness, disability, domestic abuse, long term health conditions, immigration status and low incomes.

Clients receive intensive practical one-to-one advice and support over a series of sessions with their worker to help them talk through the emotional issues that have arisen from the cost-of-living crisis, build their confidence and ability to respond to challenges in their lives and maximise their income.

The service is provided in Arabic, Farsi, Somali and Kurdish.

The BME Health Forum coordinates delivery by four partners

  • Al Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre
  • Iranian Association
  • Midaye Somali Development Network
  • Middle Eastern Women’s Society Organisation
The Service started in April 2023 and will run for 2 financial years.