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» Introducing BME Health Forum's Community Voices in Safeguarding Network! (14.05.24)

After the tremendous success of our collaboration with Safeguarding Adults Executive Board (SAEB) and The Advocacy Project through the "Staying Safe" training programme, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new network. Our aim is to provide a vital space for BME organisations to come together quarterly, connect with service providers and engage in safeguarding discussions.

» EVENT: Coaction Hub are launching their research and toolkit on MARAC and Harmful Practices (18.04.2024)

Online webinar - Thursday 18th April 2pm -3.30pm. Harmful practices feature in approximately 5% of MARAC cases, although this figure is likely to be higher due to the under identification of these forms of abuse. In this webinar we will explore professionals understanding of harmful practices, the crucial role of specialist by and for agencies, whether the structure of MARAC works for these often complex cases, and the effectiveness of alternative models used in some local areas

» OPPORTUNITY/ OFFER: Women's Health Information Sessions in Hillingdon

Fertility Network is teaming up with Healthwatch Hillingdon to learn about women's experiences with Fertility and reproductive health services in Hillingdon. We're especially interested in hearing from single, coupled, LGBTQ+ and disabled women from African, Caribbean, Asian, and other ethnic minority backgrounds who have used or are trying to use fertility services to become parents. These women often face differences in how they're treated or cared for.

» Opportunity to take part in two interactive workshops related to Artificial Intelligence (9th May, 5th June)

Imperial College London would like to invite you to take part in two interactive workshops at Imperial’s White City Campus, on Thursday 9 May and Wednesday 5 June on the subject of using Artificial Intelligence reliably to improve patient treatment.

» EVENT - ACAA Protest for Women's Rights in Afghanistan - 08.03.2024

On the 8th of March at 10 AM, International Women's Day, ACAA will be holding a demonstration in Parliament Square. It has been nearly three years since women and girls have been denied education in Afghanistan, among other human rights violations. This cannot last any longer, for these conditions affect not only women, but the whole population. Therefore, this demonstration is to represent how pressing the issue is.

» EVENT: Safe and Healthy Ageing in a Changing Climate - 15.03.24

A Special event on Friday 15th March 2024 - Safe and Healthy Ageing in a Changing Climate. The purpose of this event is to disseminate crucial information aimed at assisting older adults in maintaining their safety and well-being amidst shifting weather patterns and environmental conditions. There will be nformation stalls to help you gain knowledge and understanding of services. There will be a number of guest speakers from Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster councils.

» Vibrant and Healthy Community Hub/ Peer Support Café info and timetable

Vibrant and Healthy Community Hub/ Peer Support Café takes place at 11am to 2pm at Grosvenor Hall (SW1P) every Thursday starting 8th February 2024 to 2nd May 2024. The café aims to foster community sharing of valuable information, advice, and guidance provided by experts. All meals at the cafe are prepared according to Association of Nutrition guidelines and form an integral part of all workshops. Participants learn about nutrition, selecting meals that provide a balanced diet, and cooking those meals to retain their nutritional value.

» Suicide Prevention and mental Health promotion 2nd workshop on Arts therapy

You are cordially invited to join us on Friday the 19th of January from 11 am to 2 pm for the Arts Therapy workshop at Church Street Library. This is our second Community Learning event around Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion.

» NEW! Peer Support Cafe at Church st Library - Tuesdays from 9th Jan - 18th June 2024

We are delighted to announce our new Peer support Cafe that takes place on Tuesdays (initial sessions 11 - 12pm) at Church street library. The café will encourage the community sharing of valuable information, advice and guidance, provided by experts, supported by WCC registered interpreter/translator (Arabic, Amharic). It is intended as a safe place to share concerns, seek advice, meet friends, make friends and escape loneliness.

» North West London Health Equity Summit info share from the day

On Tuesday 24 October 2023, more than 200 people from across NW London gathered in St Pauls, Hammersmith for the first health equity summit for the area. One year on from the launch of the region’s inequality strategy, it was a chance to reflect on what had been achieved and discuss the challenges ahead. You can now see all the presentation and details of the day updated to the NHS NWL website.

» Workshops to improve breast screening information - 30th Nov or 12th Dec

Do you want to help improve breast cancer screening information and invitations? We are looking for 6 people to join two different workshops. We encourage people from underserved populations including but not limited to ethnic minority groups e.g., Asian, Black African or Caribbean, Arab, Mixed ethnicity and those from a disadvantaged background to apply.