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» Latest Women and Girls Network New Job Opportunities (apply by 01.05.24)

Women and Girls Network are currently advertising 2 new job vacancies: Gender Based Violence Prevention Worker (apply by 01.05.2024), and Young Women’s Multiple Disadvantaged Advocate (apply by 01.05.2024).

» Women and Girls Network New Job Opportunities (deadlnes 15/17/19.04.24)

Women and Girls Network currently have four new vacancies: Executive Assistant & Clerk to Trustees (apply by 19.04.2024); Head of Rape Crisis Services (apply by 19.04.2024); Human Resources Administrator (apply by 15.04.24); and Sexual Violence Lawyers (Solicitors or in-house Barristers) (apply by 17.04.24).

» Opportunity - Help Us Create Respectful and Holistic Maternity Care

Help shape our research to create respectful and holistic maternity care. We are looking for people to help guide PhD research on how the NHS, local councils, and Black communities can work together to improve the experience of maternity care.

» Opportunity to join a National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) committee (apply by 28.04.24)

The National Institute for Health and Care Research is looking for members of the public to join one of their committees. The committees help decide which research to prioritise and which research projects to fund in health and social care.

» Join the McPin Young People’s Advisory Group (apply by 22.03.24)

McPin are looking for 5 young people (age 14 - 21) to join the McPin Young People’s Advisory Group. You will join a project to design a tool for young people’s therapy preferences, and will also be a member of the McPin Young People’s Advisory Group.

» Julia Anderson Training Programme plus Info webinar on 14.03.2024

The Julia Anderson Training Programme at Imperial’s Institute of Global Health Innovation offers paid work experience to people who have limited or no work experience at a university or organisation related to health, science, technology, or business management. There are 3 roles currently being advertised for a July start: Analytics and Events Trainee, Educational Research Trainee, and Public Involvement Trainee.

» Join a public group to improve research on Lung Health Checks

The Lung Health Check is a new service that is offered in some parts of England. It can help spot problems such as cancer early, which makes treatment more effective. Through our research, we want to understand why uptake of these checks remains low. We also want to see if sending a text from the GP surgery can help improve uptake.

» JOB: Part-time Adult Learning Tutor at ClementJames Centre (applications on rolling basis)

The ClementJames Centre is looking for a high-calibre candidate to join their staff team as a part-time adult learning tutor. The ClementJames Centre is an award-winning charity that provides programmes that address underachievement and social exclusion. We support nearly 3,000 children, young people and adults each year to release their potential. If you are an outstanding tutor then The ClementJames Centre can offer a supportive staff team, and a varied and interesting role which supports hundreds of people each year.

» London Ambulance Service opportunities for patient involvement and participation

The following patient participation and involvement opportunities are available from the London Ambulance service: London Ambulance Service Public and Patients Council to support reducing health inequalities in 3 key areas; London Lifesavers - free training events on life-saving CPR and defibrillator training for communities, organisations and schools; and the NWL 111 Patient Advisory Group are currently looking to recruit patients living in North West London to join, particularly those aged 35 years or under.

» The IVF Access Study: seeking participants!

NHS IVF is in high demand across the UK. Local commissioning groups set their own criteria to restrict access to the service. This project aims to understand how policy decisions around IVF are made, and how people assigned female at birth are affected long-term by IVF restrictions.

» Expert by Experience Opportunities!

Do you have any dynamic people who who live in North West London that use your services that you think would be great to help support the North West London Suicide Prevention Programme? Experts by Experience (EbE’s) are at the heart of co-production which is what our programme is all about - informing our work in the social response to suicide prevention through lived experience. We are looking to bring in some new people in 2024 to kick off the new year.

» Public steering group opportunity - STATIN project (apply by 24.11.2023)

As part of a study looking at developing an intervention to support patients who have been prescribed statins, we are looking for public partners to join our team who are prescribed statins or who have been prescribed statins in the past and are currently living in London. Even if (or especially if) you do not take your statins as prescribed, we would still be interested in hearing from you.

» Vacancies at Thrive Tribe - Healthier You (NDPP) (apply by 09.10.2023)

Thrive Tribe have been selected to deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) in London and now we have lots of opportunities to join our team! We have vacancies for Health Coaches, Senior Health Coaches, and Healthier You Partnerships Managers.