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December 2011 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Date: 7th December 2011

Venue: Marylebone Bangladesh Society Centre, 3 Boscobel Street,

Theme: Health & Wellbeing of Children and Young people

Eddie Chan (Chinese National Healthy Centre) welcomed all to the meeting and introduced the first Item.

Item 1:

The Health of Children and Young People in BME groups

Lauren Dias on behalf of Eva Hrobonova, Consultant in Public Health, INWL.

In Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea a large proportion of the population is from a BME background – about a ¼. There is also a link with the BME population and the more deprived areas of the boroughs in the North and South - we are looking at a life expectancy difference of 12 years.

In the North and South there is also a high proportion of children whose first language is not English and a large proportion of income deprived families. Income deprivation affects children’s health.

New Mothers from BME groups – 50/ 60% of new mothers are BME and from those deprived areas in the North and South of the Borough.

First language spoken by pupils in West & K&C – a very large percentage is listed as Other and so is not known but otherwise we are looking at 10.5% of children speaking Arabic in Westminster and 13.9% Arabic in K&C.

Obesity – Obesity in children is clearly more prevalent in BME groups looking at data from 2008/9 and 2010/11 with ‘Other BME’ at the highest percentage in both Westminster and K&C. We can make an assumption that many of those listing themselves as ‘Other BME’ may be Arabic.

Substance misuse – the data for substance misuse is restricted to Westminster only but we can see that white groups are far more likely to be treated for substance misuse problems than BME groups.

Oral Health – in Westminster and K&C levels of tooth decay in 5 year olds is higher than the rest of London and England. There is also a very high level of hospital admissions for extractions. In terms of ethnicity we can see various determinants affecting oral health – deprivation, the fact that culturally prevention is less accepted – only treatment. There is also a higher incidence of oral cancer where tobacco usage (both chewing and smoking) is prevalent (particularly South Asian populations).

Teenage pregnancy – overall there is a correlation between teenage conception rate and deprivation. From the data for Westminster we can see that ‘White’ and ‘White Other’ groups are more likely to have a termination.

Emergency admissions – data shows that there is a large proportion of emergency hospital admissions coming from Caribbean and black African communities and also those listed as ‘Other’.

Maternity matters – it is advised that women book early for their first appointment with a midwife or doctor and that they attend all appointments.

Women are offered 2 scans during pregnancy and it is important that if a woman does not want these scans she should tell her midwife.

Screening tests –  Available for HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Rubella and should be offered to al pregnant women early on in pregnancy.

Information about screening tests is available in Somali.

[To view the Power point presentation click on this link.]



Lauren asked the Forum to bear with her as she has jumped in at the last minute to speak on behalf of Eva Hrobonova and may not have all the information at hand for questions but will do her best.

Question/ Comment: There seems to be big gaps in knowledge with respect to ethnicity data captured as ‘Other’. Also regarding the Oral health data there seems to be a lot of assumptions that people from BME groups don’t go early enough for prevention. However in a study the Forum made a few years back we found that services were not always good enough in that there were too many barriers for BME groups to access adequate dental care.

Question/ Comment: Not sure that the data is a true reflection of what is on the ground. For example the Somali community often categorise themselves in ethnic monitoring as ‘Black/ African’ but many mark themselves as ‘Other’.

Question: How do you collect the data referring to the languages spoken my school children?

Answer:  Should be the parent collecting the data – and it should state the language that is spoken at home.

Question/ Comment: Why is Farsi and Dari grouped together? Farsi is spoken by Persians and Dari by Afghanis – two different groups of people.

Question: what numbers are we talking about regarding children in schools?

Answer: In Westminster it is around 40, 000.


Item 2:

Children’s commissioning Intentions for 2011-12-20

Carole Bell, Head of Children’s Commissioning, INWL

Carole handed out a summary of INWL’s Children’s and sexual health Commissioning Intentions, 2012-13. To download the summary click on this LINK.

She stated that are 6 areas of commissioning services and that she was keen to find out where we think the gaps might be.

Carole previously worked in Hammersmith and Fulham but since the merging of the 3 boroughs to form INWL PCT she is now also looking after Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea.

Deprivation tends to be predominant in the North of the boroughs with spots in the South. In Hammersmith & Fulham there are more Black African and Somali communities whereas in K&C there seems to be more Moroccan.

What has been worked on for commissioning for next year

They have worked with GPs and Local government and have a budget of around 36.5K

Areas worked on –

  • Coherence of services
  • Integrating services better
  • Better collaboration between commissioners
  • Quality and productivity in certain services
  • Seeing if we have specified enough around services.
  • Safeguarding – need to make sure this is done well.

What Services?

Health Visiting – government has come up with a plan earlier this year to increase the number of Health Visitors (for care of under 5s)

In Westminster we have enough if all the posts are filled but we need a good recruitment and retention programme.

We want Health Visitors numbers to go up year by year.

Increasing numbers of children end up in A&E and Urgent Care Units. We want to stop that from happening. Main reasons for hospital admissions are things like allergies and respiratory problems, Asthma etc. these conditions can actually be managed in Primary care. We are working with GPs, Practice nurses, Health visitors and parents to be able to better manage these types of conditions.

Looking at the way in which GPs are referring children to hospital when not absolutely necessary.

We want to link Paediatric consultants with GP practices. The idea is that Paediatric consultants will also feed back to GPs so that the next time GPs face a similar case they will be better able to diagnose illnesses for children.


Looking at trying to get a better link ups to Mental Health services for children. We want to make sure that children are discharged as soon as is possible.

Community paediatric Unit for children with disabilities.

We’re doing a major review of services across the three boroughs. Right now there seems to be an inconsistency in the services available in the North and the South of the borough.


Question: can you say a little more about your plans for Mental Health services?

Answer: We are trying to make it more practical in terms of transferring children (under 14s) to adult services.

Question: Pleased to hear about the situation of increasing numbers of Health Visitors. How about the skilling up of GPs though? With all their added responsibilities at the moment how will they find they manage? Will there be more GPs? At the moment GPs are hardly managing to attend Child protection conferences and this is because of time constraints.

Answer: There is no plan to increase numbers of GPs As for child protection conferences if they cannot attend they should be getting all the papers for them.

It is true that with the added pressure of commissioning services it could be a pressure -  they will be the driving force for the commissioning  but they will be getting support from people like me. We need to try and make it work the best way we can.

Question: Are you dealing at all with the problem of ‘dragon’ receptionists? Maybe children are being more often taken to A&E because they are being fobbed off at GP surgeries. Is there any kind of programmer envisaged to train up receptionists?

Answer: It can be a problem because some receptionists do guard the time of  their GPs quite fiercely at times. In Hammersmith & Fulham a training was carried out for receptionists last year.

Question/ comment: You need to look at the whole family – the bigger picture. You need to look at the issues sometimes in a holistic way. For example housing conditions. Damp is a big problem in many houses leading to inhabitants having to go to hospital because these conditions are seriously affecting their health. Some children are living in such cramped conditions that they are sleeping in the kitchen or hallway.

Answer: Yes – it is true, we do need to look at problems in a holistic way. We will be have Health And Wellbeing boards in  local authorities and lead GPs will sit on them alongside councillors.

Further comment: We need housing officers and the the director of Children’s services to sit on the board as well – can you as a commissioner push for that?

Answer: We can but our resources are limited.

Question 1: What’s your view on the need for specialist services for families from specific communities/ cultural backgrounds?

Question 2: What about complimentary therapies?

Question 3: Can you say a little bit more about training parents to better manage their children’s illnesses – in terms of training standards?

 Answer 1: We would look at the need and how cost effective it was. If the need was sufficient to justify the investment then yes.

Answer 2: We have no funding available for complimentary medicine.

Answer 3: It will be on illnesses such as allergies and respiratory conditions. Specialist training will be given. It is not in place yet but will go ahead. At the moment in K&C there are Somali Community Champions who are skilled up to provide info to the community.

Item 3:

Working with Somali children and Young People 

Abdullahi Ali, Coordinator, Baraka Youth Association

Baraka Youth Association works with Somali children and young people.

It started in 2000 in the north of Kensington & Chelsea but we have children and young people coming from Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and also Brent.

At the time when it began Somali children were facing lots of problems and many were finding it very difficult to cope. This often ended up in unsocial behaviour.

It was in response to this that we started up the Youth centres. In 2000 we met in Community centres to bridge the gap.

We worked on education as well in terms of family learning. This was get parents to understand current teenagers. Also to encourage awareness of students’ own cultural heritage as well as of their adopted country’s cultural heritage.

We ran after school sessions to support children with academic subjects.

We ran:

  • English and Maths
  • Sporting activities

We were trying to encourage children to take the lead in their activities.

  • Health promotion – Somali food is often not that healthy with a lot of salt and oil used. Then when children eat outside they would eat burgers etc. We organised sessions where we would shop for food and make healthy food.
  •  Advice and guidance – we mostly signpost to relevant services.


Our Achievements:

Those who come to Baraka’s after school services tend to get better GCSE results.

We run leadership programmes to give added skills to students that they can add to their CV – very useful for University interviews or job interviews in terms of standing out from others.

A video made by children and young people from Baraka can be seen on their website at this link.


Question: Your organisation sounds wonderful. Lately a lot of children and young people take drugs and are involved in gang culture – are you tackling this issue at all?

Answer: Not all Somali children access our services and the one’s who do come almost 5 times a week. We know there is an issue of drugs and gang culture but don’t have enough resources to tackle this head on. All we can do is encourage youngsters to come to our services.

Comment: Westminster Drugs service offer a service for kids who get into drugs and alcohol.

Question: Do you have any programmes for parents?

Answer: We have community learning sessions – coffee mornings with about 16/17 people where we can raise issues within families and also refer people to appropriate services should they need them.

Question: How about parenting courses?

Answer: We do encourage parents to take the action into their own hands.

Question: There are a lot of cultural differences/ values amongst different communities – what approaches do you take to tackle this issue?

Answer: We try to give them a better understanding of their own culture and also encourage them to have friends/ mix with other cultures. We encourage them to have effective relationships in wider society.

Item 4:

Engaging within and across culture: The Marlborough Cultural Therapy Centre

Rabia Malik & Philippe Mandin, Marlborough Cultural Therapy Centre

We are a children’s and young adolescent service. We were established in 1996 after realising that we were not seeing enough BME communities.

The barriers to accessing our services were to do with trust, cultural barriers and language.

We realised that in order to overcome these barriers we needed workers who come from these backgrounds that we were not reaching.

The problem we encountered was that we did not have enough trained community workers. Workers with the relevant cultural background had their cultural expertise in a way ‘trained out’. So we decided to train new people up and encourage them to use their cultural expertise.

We currently have 2 Bengali, 2 Chinese and 1 Pakistani and 1 Arabic worker.

50% - 60% of referrals come from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Our service is now culturally and religiously sensitive to people’s needs with an understanding of how cultural aspects affect our lives.

We take referrals from schools and also self referrals.

We work with children and also with parents.

We offer psychotherapy and also post traumatic therapy.

We do a lot of outreach work and also home visites.

We offer consultations to GPs and also supervisions to other health professionals.

Why the need for this service?

Overcoming barriers to do with language and distrust of mainstream services. Also the taboo of seeking help from outside.

We work across multiple contexts and see the child as belonging to different systems as children often struggle to manage this difference between the family, the community and the school. Often parents do not cross over to the other worlds but children have to deal with it.


Cultural differences

Extended families with a collectivist view of themselves – it means nothing if you work with these cultures individualistically.


Religion and spirituality is meaningful for many of these communities – we’ve been doing a lot of work with spiritual leaders trying to connect the two aspects.

What we offer

Engaging with polarised social systems and communities who fear change and taking into account the cultural relevance and importance of these elements e.g. Islamic school.

Offering talking therapy in the mother tongue

Building trust and respect – we take people’s beliefs very seriously and work with them.

We are trying to be bridge builders

There is an importance in having specialist services like this within mainstream mental health and social care services. However there is a change in culture at the moment where the need of services like ours is being put into question.


Question: Do you find that more Musilim parents are sending their children to faith schools because they feel they will be more protected there due to rise in discrimination in the past years.

Answer: Yes racism has always been a factor and now there is a shift to religious discrimination – and this needs to be addressed.

Question: We need more of this type of service –you seem to gave a deeper understanding of cultures especially where religion and spirituality is concerned. The problem is also that some children do not feel that they actually belong to any of the 3 circles you mentioned(family, community or school). We need more of this. Have you though of training up the voluntary sector to deliver something similar?

Answer: We would like to work more with the community sector but the reason that you need a service like this in the mainstream is that sometimes you need back up and we have access to that.

Question/ comment: Sounds great. It’s a shame that you are facing cuts at the moment. The public sector do not have the right to make cuts in these areas.

Answer/ comment: BME communities need to speak up for these services to continue for them.

Item 5:

Youth Work at Marylebone Bangladesh Society

Tarik Ellekhlifi, Senior Youth Worker, Marylebone Bangladesh Society


In 1979 Marylebone Bangladesh Society started as an advice organisation for the Bangladeshi community.

In 1986 they expanded and started facilitating for youth.

In 1993 they moved next door offering support for Bangladeshi youth who were marginalized.

In 2002 the youth group had a visit from Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh which was a highlight.

MBS acquired the MBS Centre last year where now many of the activities are held.

We offer:

  • Boxing
  • Jujitsu
  • Workshops (Drugs/ Gang and territorial issues – we also did some work around the recent riots)

We have recently changed the ethos here because we want to be open to everyone now – not just Bangladeshi youths. We have been attracting youths now from Kurdish and Iraqi communities.

We engage in partnership work and have worked with London Tigers and Vital Regeneration.


Question: Do you do any work with girls?

Answer: Yes, we run a girls youth club on Saturdays and have fitness and exercise sessions for women and girls.

Comment: How about Diabetes? There is the Westminster Diabetes Centre nearby – maybe you could get them in for one of workshops/ talks?

Question: What ages do you work with?

Answer: From 12/13 year olds to 19/20 year olds.

Question: The need to build trust between voluntary and statutory sector is interesting – do you have any plans to improve links?

Answer: I am open and flexible to working with all organisations as long as there is no political agenda where we are approached in terms of fulfilling a tick box exercise. We are not closing doors it’s just that it can be disillusioning if this happens.

Question: Are you doing any work with children with learning difficulties and disabilities and also young carers?

Answer: We are just about to start some work on this. At the moment we are doing background work.

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Please see the current services leaflet for Age UK Westminster including details about: Information and Advice service; Complex needs Information and Advice and Advocacuy service, Wellbeing and Connections post discharge service, Activities, Lunch clubs, and Face to face and telephone befriending services.

» Adult Education classes at Nova

Improve your English, learn computer skills, and boost your job chances. Nova offer TESOL (English as a second language) and Digital skill courses. In particular,they have two new digital courses starting this week: Basic Digital Skills (Mondy and Friday 10:30-12:30 at North Kensington Library) and Business Admin (13:00-15:00 at Nova), with a very experienced and professional ICT tutor.

» Admin Support Volunteer opportunity at Carers Network (posted 10 May 2024)

Carers Network is looking for an enthusiastic team player to support our work. We employ three teams of Caseworkers across the London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea. This role will support our admin team through maintaining telephone contact with our service users, responding to voicemail queries and, where necessary, registering those individuals onto our database for a more in-depth call with one of our caseworkers.

» EVENT: Invitation to Trauma in Black Bodies Launch - 17th May

Nubianlife would like to invite you to the launch of Trauma in Black Bodies on 17th May 2024, we will be exhibiting the art work of Cornelius Browne, from his ADUMAADAN Collection . The launch will be followed by monthly art therapy workshops on the last Friday of each month.

» Westminster BAME service user support group

The Muslim Lived Experience Network- Women's Peer Support Group - Would you like to join a confidential, non-judgemental and uplifting space for sisters with lived experience of mental health-related distress? Join our online Fortnightly sessions* delivered by NHS qualified Lived Experieience Practitioners.

» Volunteer at the Listening Place

The Listening Place is an award winning charity supporting those who feel suicidal.  It's simple - a welcoming place to go; a person who cares; an opportunity to be heard. We rely on our wonderful Listening Volunteers to provide this vital service. If you are warm, empathetic and resilient, if you want to help others, if you can listen without judgment, and if you have the time to commit to a regular, fortnightly 4-hour shift at our site in Hammersmith - we would love to hear from you. 

» Safeguarding Adults Executive Board Spring 2024 Bulletin

Welcome to the SAEB Spring Bulletin 2024. Within this bulletin you will find an update on our new online safeguarding resources and I would also really like to draw your attention our new Say No to Abuse video that after viewing we kindly request that you complete a short survey.

» Safeguarding Adults Awareness Training for 2024

This half day workshop, delivered via MS Teams is designed for all staff and volunteers who are in contact with adults at risk and work in the Bi-Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. The course is aimed at those who have not previously attended safeguarding training and need basic safeguarding adults’ awareness.

» Mosaic Community Trust's current services and activities (01.05.24)

Please see the following leaflets with information about Mosaic Community Trust's current activities and services including their Mother's Support Network group every Tuesday at the Portman centre, Connected Communities Social Hub at Penfold Community hub, and Holistic Patient Wellness group every tuesday at Penfold Community hub. Activities in these groups include social circle, massage, gentle exercise, nutritional advice, befriending and more.

» Young Westminster Foundation April Newsletter (2024)

Please see the latest newsletter from Young Westminster Foundation with several training, job and funding opportunities including: ESMEE FAIRBAIRN Funding to support organisations in three areas; Our natural world, A Fairer Future and Creative Confidence Communities; MATTHEW GOOD FOUNDATION - Grants to support small organisations; and DWF FOUNDATION - Grants to support charities in key themes.

» Imperial BRC Health Research News and Opportunities for Involvement in Research: April 2024

Public Involvement opportunities to which both Community Partners and their networks can apply: Join the review panel for the School for Primary Care Research (SPCR); Paid opportunities: Human Challenge Trial Committee role; Immunology Theme Community Partner role; and Biomedical Engineering Theme Community Partner role.

» Morrisons Foundation Grants - Making a difference in Local Communities

Based in Bradford, the supermarket chain Morrisons established the Morrisons Foundation in 2015 to support local good causes across Great Britain. Nearly 10 years later, the Foundation welcomes applications from registered charities in England, Scotland and Wales. Grants of up to £10,000 (previously the maximum grant was £25,000) are available for specific projects that help to improve people’s lives.

» Free Peer Support Training Opportunity

OPPORTUNITY: Funded places available for organisations, groups and individuals interested in providing peer support and are based in/working across the listed NW London boroughs. At The New Normal, we are passionate about the power of peer support in suicide reduction and prevention: we see it change lives, time and time again.

» Helping to Keep Hope Alive - Waterloo Community Counselling latest news

Please see the latest newsletter from Waterloo Community Counselling with all the latest updates about the service including information about group activities, Spring wellbeing advice, and an upcoming social activity group for refugees and asylum seekers.

» ALIVE – Amplifying the Lived Experience of East London Communities

The ALIVE study aims to explore the lived experiences of Black African and Black Caribbean women living in East London. We are extremely keen to engage as many women as we can, in all their diversity, and we would like your help to do this! The study involves initially completing a survey and taking part in a follow up interview if they choose to.

» Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 with CLW (13th - 19th May)

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week which will take place from 13th May - 19th May with the theme "Movement: Moving more for our mental health" please see an up to date list of Community Living Well Wellbeing workshops including two specifically relating to this year's theme: Boost Your Mood with Movement, and Feeling Anxious? Lets gets Active!

» Kensington & Chelsea Fraud Newsletter (March 2024)

The K&C Fraud newsletter contains information and figures of fraud cases in the borough including useful information about how to protect yourself against fraud crimes.

» Waterloo Community Counselling Low Cost and Multi-Ethnic Counselling Service (MECS)

Waterloo Community Counselling's Low-Cost Counselling services offer long-term talking therapy at reduced fees. We reach adults from diverse backgrounds who have experienced loss, trauma and abuse, and are struggling with anxiety, depression and other difficulties. Our unique Multi-Ethnic Counselling Service (MECS) provides free mother-tongue counselling to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers who have survived exile, torture, human trafficking and modern slavery in 34 languages.

» Free Birth Education Classes with Neighbourhood Doulas 2024

Neighbourhood Douals in partnership with RBKC Early Years programmes and Kensington & Chelsea Foundation would like to share information about our free antenatal birth preparation classes face to face at Holmfield House Childrens Centre, 4-6 Golborne Road, W10 5PE, and online via Zoom starting on 17th April 2024 - December 11th 2024, Every Wednesday (10.30 -12.30).

» Resources for patients waiting for an appointment or surgery at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust recently published a set of resources for patients waiting for an appointment or surgery at the hospital. On the Imperial College website, there are now pages on: Waiting for an appointment, surgery or treatment; Staying well while you wait; and Frequently asked questions.

» Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme

The NHS Path to Remission Programme is a free 12-month programme designed to provide you with all the tools you need to help you lose weight, control your blood sugar, reduce your medication and potentially put your diabetes in remission. In North West London the programme is currently being provided by Counterweight.

» Supporting people with different needs to access London Ambulances Services

It is recognised that in many cases a number of callers to emergency services may not have English as their first language. In such instances, a third party language translation service may be used to assist the EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) in taking the details of the call (at the point of the 999 or 111 call) . [This is done by conferencing in the interpreter once the language required is confirmed].

» The London Community Foundation Grants News (March 2024)

See the latest funding opportunities and news from London Community Foundation including information about Greener Futures in Westminster Event, Free Excel training; and several funding opportunities including London Marathon Active spaces fund, Baring Foundation Arts and Mental Health Fund, Sport England Small Grants Programme, Windrush Justice programme, and more.

» NHS prostate cancer awareness animated films

Please take a look at the following 10 short animated films aimed at promoting awareness about prostate cancer. These animated films were made by Guy’s & St Thomas NHS Hospital Foundation Trust in partnership with Year 2 University of London Art Students at the London College of Communications in Elephant and Castle.

» In - Deep New Activity Starting Free Drama Sessios for children with SEND

In - Deep is begining a new activity after Easter. We are starting free drama sessions for children and young people with SEND aged 3 - 18 in age appropriate groups building on our very popular arts based holiday workshops. This will begin Tuesday 23rd April at Francis Holland School for Girls, 39 Graham Terrace, London SW1 near Sloane Sq tube.

» Community Spirit Small Grants Fund open!

The Kensington + Chelsea Foundation is pleased to announce that their Community Spirit Small Grants Fund has reopened for applications. This is a small grants fund to support events and activities that bring joy, hope and healing to our community. The majority of the beneficiaries of your project must be residents of Kensington + Chelsea.

» OPPORTUNITY/ OFFER: Women's Health Information Sessions in Hillingdon

Fertility Network is teaming up with Healthwatch Hillingdon to learn about women's experiences with Fertility and reproductive health services in Hillingdon. We're especially interested in hearing from single, coupled, LGBTQ+ and disabled women from African, Caribbean, Asian, and other ethnic minority backgrounds who have used or are trying to use fertility services to become parents. These women often face differences in how they're treated or cared for.

» Join the McPin Young People’s Advisory Group (apply by 22.03.24)

McPin are looking for 5 young people (age 14 - 21) to join the McPin Young People’s Advisory Group. You will join a project to design a tool for young people’s therapy preferences, and will also be a member of the McPin Young People’s Advisory Group.

» Right Care Right Person (RCRP) Overview and update

From 1 November 2023, the Metropolitan Police changed the way they respond to calls related to health and social care concerns. This new policy is called Right Care Right Person. Right Care, Right Person (RCRP) aims to ensure that vulnerable people in London who are experiencing a deterioration in their health, receive support from those most appropriately trained to deliver it. Please see the following update with inforomation about its rollout.

» Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme

The NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme is a joint initiative between NHS England and Diabetes UK. This programme provides a low calorie, total diet replacement treatment for people who are living with type 2 diabetes and obesity or overweight: the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme.

» Olmec - Diversify London Programme

Diversify London ia programme that aims to provide VSOs across London with board ready candidates from Black, racialised or minoritised communities who have completed Olmec's Black on Board programme. Black on board is a programme Olmec have been running since 2008 that provides individuals with the skills to gain governance positions to address the lack of diversity on boards and in senior management.

» EVENT - ACAA Protest for Women's Rights in Afghanistan - 08.03.2024

On the 8th of March at 10 AM, International Women's Day, ACAA will be holding a demonstration in Parliament Square. It has been nearly three years since women and girls have been denied education in Afghanistan, among other human rights violations. This cannot last any longer, for these conditions affect not only women, but the whole population. Therefore, this demonstration is to represent how pressing the issue is.

» Staying well while you wait (for a hospital procedure) Information/ support webpage

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust have recently updated their Staying Well while you wait webpage. This has some very useful info and tips of things you can do to help you stay well and prepare for your procedure. These include stopping smoking, exercising regularly, drinking less alcohol and eating a healthy diet.

» EVENT: Safe and Healthy Ageing in a Changing Climate - 15.03.24

A Special event on Friday 15th March 2024 - Safe and Healthy Ageing in a Changing Climate. The purpose of this event is to disseminate crucial information aimed at assisting older adults in maintaining their safety and well-being amidst shifting weather patterns and environmental conditions. There will be nformation stalls to help you gain knowledge and understanding of services. There will be a number of guest speakers from Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster councils.

» Digital Inclusion and NHS online services information

Please see a collection of resources to support patients in using NHS App and Patchs tool. You will also find some useful manuals and information leaflets about ordering repeat prescriptions, using PKB (Patients Know Best) website and other useful digital inclusion and NHS online services support.

» JOB: Part-time Adult Learning Tutor at ClementJames Centre (applications on rolling basis)

The ClementJames Centre is looking for a high-calibre candidate to join their staff team as a part-time adult learning tutor. The ClementJames Centre is an award-winning charity that provides programmes that address underachievement and social exclusion. We support nearly 3,000 children, young people and adults each year to release their potential. If you are an outstanding tutor then The ClementJames Centre can offer a supportive staff team, and a varied and interesting role which supports hundreds of people each year.

» Sign up for Suicide Prevention Training

Westminster and The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea have commissioned Every Life Matters to deliver an intensive programme of Suicide Prevention Training. The training is aimed at anyone who wants to understand more about suicide, how to spot when someone may be having thoughts of suicide, how to talk openly about suicide, and what practical support we can all offer each other.

» Funding Alert! Global Majority Grant Notice

Coming Soon - Grant Fund: £200,000. Calling all Global Majority (BAME) led organisations who can deliver great activities to improve health and/or wellbeing of residents in North Paddington. Applications: Rolling basis, decisions weekly until the fund is spent. You can apply for up to £20,000 to make a positive impact in your community.

» London Catalyst Grants

Grants are available for registered charities in London which are working with an experienced health agency or community partner to improve the health and wellbeing of people with long-term health conditions, disabilities and/or those who are vulnerable and marginalised. Grants of between £3,000 and £15,000 are available to fund projects, usually for one year. The average award is around £8,000.

» The Clear Path project

The Clear Path project is a local initiative that aims to help people who are facing mental health challenges in Hammersmith and Fulham. The project provides a range of services, such as counselling, supporting with housing application, support with GP application, talking therapy, and workshops, to help the well-being and recovery of our clients.

» Health Equity Programme - NHS North West London

NHS North West London's health equity programme is working with partners and the communities of North West London to make real change in terms of improving inequalities in health and care. We know that some people in our communities in NW London are dying earlier than they should, with a range of factors including poverty, poor-quality housing, low-paid or unstable jobs impacting people’s physical and mental health. The health equity programme focusses on putting people at the heart of what we do – reducing inequalities, improving people’s health outcomes, and reducing the differences in healthy life expectancy.

» Suicide Prevention and mental Health promotion 2nd workshop on Arts therapy

You are cordially invited to join us on Friday the 19th of January from 11 am to 2 pm for the Arts Therapy workshop at Church Street Library. This is our second Community Learning event around Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion.

» Do you need volunteers?

The Westminster Connects newsletter advertises volunteering opportunities to thousands of local residents fortnightly. To include your opportunities you just need to email One Westminster details of you opportunities including a brief description of your organisation. a brief description of the role, the commitment required, times and dates, and your contact details.

» Neighbourhood Doulas Online Birth Education Classes

Neighbourhood Doulas are excited to kick off our free ONLINE Childbirth Education Classes on Wednesday 24th January 2024. Our online support provides free childbirth classes offering attendees a safe place to learn & connect that they may not find elsewhere. Classes will be in blocks of five weeks covering birth preparation, birth choices, mental health and wellbeing, and postnatal support.

» Women’s group at Turning Point Drug & Alcohol Wellbeing service

At our women’s group we provide a safe space where female clients can connect to reduce isolation and improve their overall wellbeing. We provide a mixture of activities that can support the ladies to build further on their self- esteem and self- confidence.

» Kensington & Chelsea Fraud Newsletter (December 2023)

The K&C Fraud newsletter contains information and figures of fraud cases in the borough including useful information about how to protect yourself against fraud crimes.

» New lung cancer screening roll out to detect cancer sooner (June 2023)

A national targeted lung cancer screening programme designed to catch cancer sooner or prevent it altogether has been announced by the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. Each year the programme - which will cost £270 million annually once fully implemented - is expected to detect cancer in as many as 9,000 people, deliver almost one million scans and provide treatment earlier.

» Active Westminster Network Funding application windows 2024

From the Monday 5th February 2024, ActiveWestminster Network partners are invited to submit a proposal for funding support of up to £1000 to support new or upscaling of a health and wellbeing physical activity community project. The submission deadline is Sunday 3rd March 2024 at midnight.

» Kensington & Chelsea Fraud Newsletter (November 2023)

The K&C Fraud newsletter contains information and figures of fraud cases in the borough including useful information about how to protect yourself against fraud crimes.

» Say No to Abuse Leaflets: Supporting people to ‘stay safe’ in the Bi-borough (added 20.12.23)

These leaflets have been co-produced by our Safeguarding Ambassadors and include a variety of our video resources to help support everyone to understand a range of safeguarding topics, as well as information on what happens after you report a safeguarding concern.

» Virtual peer support group for Black & Brown grievers

Black and Brown Good Grief is a peer to peer support meeting and safe space for black and brown grievers. Black and Brown Good Grief allows a person to grieve acknowledging the nuances of their heritage and culture while still being a person grieving someone. Black and Brown Good Grief was started by black and brown attendees and continues to be run and hosted this way..

» London Inspire Programme

The London Inspire programme is a ground-breaking programme developed to raise awareness and promote targeted health interventions aimed at reducing the staggering health inequalities faced by black people in London. Inspire was developed to foster partnership and collaboration opportunities for voluntary and community sector organisations to deliver health interventions, while also amplifying the voice of the Black community to create whole systems change.

» Cost of Living Support - Directory of Services December

Please see the latest update to the Cost of Living Directory of Services for December for RBKC residents.

» Free after school programmes at Grand Junction

Grand Junction are hosting several free after school programmes for children and young people - these are: Junction Juniors - drama workshop for age 7-11; Young Actors - acting and drama workshops for age 11-17; and Green Kids Club - a weekly workshop learning about environmentalism, nature and making art.

» Endometriosis leaflets in multiple languages

Endometriosis UK have newly translated support and symptoms leaflets. These leaflets are now available in Punjabi Shahmukhi, Punjabi Gurmukhi, Urdu, Polish, Scottish Gaelic, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese. The symptoms leaflet shares the main endometriosis symptoms, what endometriosis is and how Endometriosis UK provides support.

» Jubilee Sports Centre - book a space!

There is still availability to book space at the new improved Jubilee Community Sports Centre with priority being given to those clubs and organisations that are looking to provide opportunities to support the local community. The address of the venue is: Lancefield Street, London, W10 4NW

» 'Stay with Us' Suicide Prevention Campaign Launch - info and resources

For those who were unable to attend the Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster 'Stay with Us' Suicide Prevention Campaign Launch please see the collated essential information and resources we have put together.

» Young Westminster Foundation November Newsletter (2023)


» North West London Health Equity Summit info share from the day

On Tuesday 24 October 2023, more than 200 people from across NW London gathered in St Pauls, Hammersmith for the first health equity summit for the area. One year on from the launch of the region’s inequality strategy, it was a chance to reflect on what had been achieved and discuss the challenges ahead. You can now see all the presentation and details of the day updated to the NHS NWL website.

» Workshops to improve breast screening information - 30th Nov or 12th Dec

Do you want to help improve breast cancer screening information and invitations? We are looking for 6 people to join two different workshops. We encourage people from underserved populations including but not limited to ethnic minority groups e.g., Asian, Black African or Caribbean, Arab, Mixed ethnicity and those from a disadvantaged background to apply.

» National Lottery Awards for All is changing! (posted 15.11.2023)

National Lottery Awards For All, is changing! You will now be able to: Apply for funding between £300 and £20,000 to support your project, an increase from the previous £10,000 per year; Get your project funded for up to two years rather than one. These changes mean that we have doubled the amount you can apply for and how long we’ll fund your project.

» Public steering group opportunity - STATIN project (apply by 24.11.2023)

As part of a study looking at developing an intervention to support patients who have been prescribed statins, we are looking for public partners to join our team who are prescribed statins or who have been prescribed statins in the past and are currently living in London. Even if (or especially if) you do not take your statins as prescribed, we would still be interested in hearing from you.

» Mentoring Programme for Young People With MH Needs

Are you a young person from a minority background experiencing mental health challenges? Or do you know, or work, with someone who is? Our free e-mentoring programme is here to help! Unlock your potential and achieve your educational and employment dreams with our free 12-week e-mentoring programme.

» Age UK K&C & Age UK Westminster Digital Inclusion Project (added 03.11.2023)

The Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster (KCW) Social Isolation pilot supports and enhances existing Older Adult Mental Health services provided by CNWL by providing targeted outreach support to vulnerable elderly people including those living alone who are known to be more likely to experience social isolation.

» Exciting New Group for the Spanish & Portuguese Community!

Come and join us every Friday from 10am - 12pm at Stockwell Partk Community Centre. In this space we will talk about our health, wellbeing, benefits, access to local services, how to obtain individual help, while also having the chance to make new friends!

» Community Living Well service

Community Living Well is an emotional wellbeing support service for anyone aged 16 and over, and who is registered with a GP in Kensington, Chelsea, Queen’s Park or Paddington. We can help to support your mental health and wellbeing.

» Support and Guidance During Current Events in Israel and Palestine

We are aware that ongoing, shocking events in Israel and Palestine have led to heightened tensions and emotional distress within our communities and want to remind you that Westminster’s Prevent team are available should you require our assistance; we are able to provide support and guidance for anyone who may be impacted by the current situation. If you or someone you know is feeling distressed or overwhelmed due to the recent events, there are resources and support available to help you navigate through these difficult times.

» Vacancies at Thrive Tribe - Healthier You (NDPP) (apply by 09.10.2023)

Thrive Tribe have been selected to deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) in London and now we have lots of opportunities to join our team! We have vacancies for Health Coaches, Senior Health Coaches, and Healthier You Partnerships Managers.

» Build your own Community Website in 7 weeks

This training from Superhighways will bring together a small group of people from 8 to 10 micro charities and community organisations to build their own website, using the free community website builder Voice Online Communities. The training will run weekly online, 10am to 12pm weekly, starting Wednesday 25 October 2023.

» Mosaic Community Trust's current services and activities (29.10.23)

Mosaic Community Trust's Mothers Support Network offers a range of activities in the form of Drop in sessions, workshops run by professionals, opportunities to voice concerns, free therapeutic massage and more. Mosaic also run a community wellbeing hub at the Portman centre and Connected communities social hub which is for women living in Church street area only.

» Free Funding bid support

NEW OFFER OF FREE SUPPORT – fundraising strategy and bid writing help available now! Concentrated help from one of a panel of external fundraisers whose direct skills and expertise will be offered to Westminster VCS organisations (including CICs) for free.

» Free Birth Preparation Classes with Neighbourhood Doulas

From Wednesday 6th September 2023 (10.30 -12.30) Neighbourhood Doulas will be providing their 6-week course and information around birth preparation, knowing your rights and options, mindfulness, decision making, confident parenting and more. Available to North Kensington residents.

» North London Forensic Collaborative Small Grant Opportunity

North London Forensic Collaborative (NLFC) has recently launched a new small grant programme for Voluntary Community Faith and Social Enterprise organisations based in North London. This is open to organisations who currently work with individuals accessing forensic inpatient or community services, or organisations that are delivering health and wellbeing initiatives in local communities that with additional investment, could extend this offer to individuals accessing forensic services.

» Muslim Women's Fertility Support Group (Fertility UK)

Fertility Network UK is a national charity that offers free advice, support, information and understanding for those facing fertility challenges. We have local fertility groups, as well as a huge range of free specialist UK-wide groups. We have now started a Muslim Women's Fertility support group.

» Pressures on our emergency services in this hot weather

Our A&Es are extremely busy with waits of up to 11 hours. We are seeing many health issues related to the current warm weather – please do share the link below which gives advice on looking after yourself in warm weather, especially if you have asthma or hayfever. It also provides information on where to go if you need help so we can keep A&E for life threatening emergencies. The leaflet is also available in a number of different languages.

» Bi Borough VCS Health and Wellbeing Strategy

This Strategy has been developed over a period of months through a collaborative process with the voluntary and community sector and colleagues from across the statutory sector/NHS. It presents a number of case studies from the VCS that illustrate its main goals and offers a set of clear recommended actions.

» WCC Grant Funding opportunities information page

Please see the Westminster City Council landing page for all upcoming council grant funding opportunities for the VCS.

» Safeguarding training for BME groups

This course has been developed to provide attendees with an awareness of what adult safeguarding is as set out under the provisions of the Care Act 2014 and support staff to identify signs and indicators of abuse and neglect and to understand the referral pathway to raise a safeguarding concern.

» What's in the Community resource page

What's in the Community Resource page collects information / flyers about services and activities and support resources available in or to RBKC residents divided in sections such as Massages/ Acupuncture, Food, Warm hubs, Cost of living support, Debt, benefits, and housing advice, Education and training, and much more.

» New Dementia Adviser for Westminster

We are pleased to introduce you to the new Dementia Adviser for Westminster, Skia Fentiman. She will be offering advice and support for those living with dementia in Westminster and also coordinates events such as the free Memory Cafes. The next one is coming up on 30th November.

» EMBARRASSED by Steve McQueen - A short film

Here is Steve McQueen's EMBARRASSED - a short film created to help raise awareness of prostate cancer within the black community and featuring Idris Elba CBE, Chiwetel Ejiofor CBE, Michael Ward, and Morgan Freeman.. The message is that if you are a black man aged over 45 you should ask your GP for a PSA test. Prostate cancer is generally easy to treat (without chemotherapy) and survivable if caught reasonably early.

» Report of Joint Committee on Human Rights: Black people, racism, and human rights

Please download and see the House of Commons/ House of Lords Joint Committee on Human Rights report: Black people, racism, and human rights - including formal minutes relating to the report.

» Free online contraception - 16+

Residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council can now access free contraception online. All you need to do is register on the website, you will directed to the contraception page where you will find all methods available these include; Emergency Hormonal Contraception, Progesterone only pill and the Combined only pill.

» Kooth - FREE online support for young people

Kooth is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the point of use.

» Mother's Support Group

Westminster Befriend a Family runs a Mother’s Support Group at Derry Hall on the Church Street Estate, between 10am and 12pm every Wednesday. It’s a place for mums and mums to be to meet up, have a (free!) cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some cake and a chat.

» March 2019 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Topics: Hammersmith & Fulham CCG's Financial Recovery Plans - request for feedback; Westminster and RBKC Councils' Dementia Strategy - request for local community input; Iraqi Association presentation; World Foods Carbs and Cals book (specifically targeted at BAME communities) Update from Diabetes Transformation team.

» December 2018 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Topics: Request for feedback on NHS 111 service; Information about Latent TB and raising awareness; request for feedback on Primary and Urgent Care services in H&F; Volunteer Centre K&C - working with BME organisations

» ADKC Disability Connect project

The Disability Connect project is for socially isolated disabled people (with a physical, sensory or hidden impairment) who need or would like some encouragement and support to get out and about doing activities of interest to them.

» September 2018 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Topics: Health Help Now App, GP Extended Hours, FAWA (French African Welfare Association), Central London Youth Development Trust cooking Sessions with children, Mosaic Community Trust programmes with Local Women in Church Street

» Sexual Health London - Free Home STI Testing Kit

Sexual Health London have commissioned an online sexual health testing website. It provides sexual health testing via post kit - very useful for young people and vulnerable groups.

» Free online support and wellbeing 365 days per year is a professional mental health and wellbeing service, commissioned to Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Fulham and Westminster FREE to use for 11-19 year olds.

» June 2018 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Topics: Creating a new dietary resource for BAME communities with Diabetes and H&F Outcomes Framework, Update on the equalities framework & GP Extended Hours

» March 2018 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Theme: Integrated Care - My Care My Way and Engagement work done around Integrated Care Outcomes Framework

» December 2017 Quarterly Meeting Notes

Theme: Tackling Obesity in BME communities

» September 2017 Quarterly Meetings Notes

Theme: Improving the Health and Wellbeing of disadvantaged communities in Hammersmith & Fulham

» Professional Interpreters: Language is Everything

A supplier of professional interpreters – face-to-face, by telephone and written translations. We offer 136 different languages and dialects for face-to-face assignments in London and more by telephone. We have an office in North Westminster and are already supplying to Local Authority frontline teams, NHS Trusts and national third sector organisations working within the Tri-borough meaning that our interpreters know the area and are already on the ground, daily.

» June 2017 Quarterly Meeting notes

Theme: Habits and Addictions in BME communities

» The Alcohol Service

Change, grow, live is a social care and health charity that works with individuals who want to change negative patterns of behaviour and achieve positive and life-affirming goals.

» March 2017 Quarterly Meeting notes

THEME:Getting involved in improving services

» December 2016 Quarterly Meeting Notes

THEME: Migration, Homelessness and Mental Health

» July 20th Diabetes Open Meeting Notes

THEME: Diabetes and Black Minority Ethnic Communities

» May 2016 Quarterly Meeting notes

THEME: Domestic Abuse among BME Communities. This meeting explored the issue of Domestic Abuse from many different angles such as the barriers around housing, the particular difficulties for people with no recourse to public funds and the psychological issues for young people who have been exploited...

» March 2016 Quarterly Meeting notes

THEME: Stigma. This meeting's theme was about stigma and how it contributes to inequalities and stops people accessing services. We heard presentations discussing stigma in many different contexts from mental health and sexual health to the stigma surrounding disabilities, gender transitioning and dying.

» Healthy Relationships:Healthy Baby Programme

Pregnancy is a time of hope but can also bring challenges and strains. Healthy Relationships:Healthy Baby is a new programme from a local charity, especially for expectant mums and dads living in Westminster. Our dedicated team will work with you and your family so you can bring an end to hurtful behavior...

» December 2015 Quarterly Meeting notes

Theme: Young People's Health & Wellbeing. This was a great meeting to attend to hear about projects in the voluntary sector and ask our NHS commissioners and providers some searching questions. Presentations included: Westminster Mind, Spectra, Al Badja and the Westminster council...

» The Talking Talk Shop at The Dalgarno Trust, Wednesdays 11am - 12.30pm

The Talking Talk Shop is now open at The Dalgarno Trust on Wednesdays from 11am - 12.30pm. We work with people from all backgrounds with varying disabilities, who are on waiting list or finished counselling but wish to continue talking in a confidential, relaxed and safe environment...

» September 2015 Quarterly Meeting Notes

THEME: DEMENTIA - This was a great event to attend to find out more about how services for people with Dementia have been planned and delivered and question the people in charge of doing so. It was also a great opportunity to find out more about how to support people with Dementia and what services are available in the NHS and the third sector including some specialist services for BME communities.

» SMART Projects Stop Smoking Service

SMART Projects is launching a Stop Smoking Service, funded by the Kensington & Chelsea Social Council and in partnership with the Kick-it Stop Smoking Service. SMART will be providing Stop smoking advice on a one to one basis and workshops for people who would like to find out more...

» Al-Aman (DVIP) Arabic Speaking service

DVIP’s Al-aman service has continued to receive funding from London Councils to support women from Arabic speaking communities who have been affected by gender based violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and honour based violence...

» Different Voices’ Directory of Services in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea

A directory of services was produced by the Different Voices Group at The Advocacy Project. It is a user involvement group that focuses on improving inpatient services and tackling the stigma attached to mental health. All the recommendations in the booklet are based on the service users’ own experiences of having used those services...

» Royal Trinity Hospice launches new dementia service in Kensington and Chelsea

Royal Trinity Hospice has launched a new service to support people with dementia and their carers living in Kensington and Chelsea, tackling recognised inequalities in access to palliative and end of life care.Funded by West London CCG, Trinity’s specialist Community Dementia Nurse will support people...

» Conversational English for beginners (for over 50s)

Brush up on your spoken, written and grammatical English to become a more confident speaker! For people aged 50 and over. TUESDAYs - 10.00am – 12.00pm. £3.00 per class @ New Horizons, Guinness Trust Estate, Cadogan Street, London, SW3 2PF...

» Healthier Homes Project

The Healthier Homes Project is a Public Health funded project to assist in reducing hospital admissions, GP visits and winter deaths caused by residents living in homes that are too cold, damp or are in dangerous conditions that put their health at risk.The project works as a referral service...

» ANGELOU Referrals

Angelou is a partnership of 9 organisations offering a shared service across Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster supporting women and girls who are experiencing violence and abuse.

» June 2015 Quarterly Meeting notes

THEME: SUPPORTING PEOPLE APPROACHING THE END OF THEIR LIVES. This meeting was about how to best support people who are approaching the end of their lives. Public health are conducting a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) about end of life care and would like to hear from you about how you feel services work currently and any gaps that there might be...

» March 2015 Quarterly Meeting notes


» Services

» Activities/Courses

» December 2014 Quarterly Meeting notes


» September 2014 Quarterly Meeting notes


» New Young Women's Domestic Violence project for Arabic speakers

Al-Hasaniya Moroccan's Women's Centre have a new project for young women of Arabic backgrounds who have or are experiencing domestic violence. The service is aimed at young women aged between 16 and 25 years old who live in London...

» June 2014 Quarterly Meeting notes


» Counselling Services for female survivors of domestic and sexual abuse (Westminster and K&C)

Please be aware of the free Therapeutic Services provided by Solace Women’s Aid in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. These include:1to1 counselling for female survivors of domestic violence age 14 + (Ascent). 1to1 counselling for female survivors of sexual violence including child sexual abuse (aged 14+)...

» New Domestic Abuse service for Arabic speaking Women

Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre has recently been successful in securing funding for a new project to support young, vulnerable women of Arabic speaking backgrounds who are or have experienced domestic abuse. Our service is aimed at young women aged between 16 and 25 years old...

» Kick-It FREE Stop Smoking Support service for local communities

The Free Stop Smoking Support sessions include specialist behavioural support by certified Stop Smoking Practitioners, which will improve the client’s motivation as well as help building up capacities and strategies to stay smoke-free...

» Westminster Connect - Peer support group

The peer support is for people aged 18 to 60 who have a physical disability, hearing or sight impairments and those with long term health conditions. Westminster Connect also co-ordinates peer support for Deaf people...

» April 2014 Quarterly Meeting notes

THEME: Unscheduled care - the utilisation of A and E and Urgent care services by BME communities

» Housing and resettlement, Welfare benefits and debt advice (Westminster)

The Bayswater Families Centre, in conjunction with CAB, Homestart and Z2K are holding Drop-in Advice sessions covering: Housing Advice and Assistance; Resettlement Advice and Assistance; Welfare benefits Advice and Assistance; Debt Advice and Assistance...

» Zumba at Portobello Green Fitness Club

Fridays 2 - 3pm, Portobello Green Fitness Club. Price £2.10. It's fun, It's fitness, It's ZUMBA!...

» IKWRO - Self Confidence Support Group for Women

Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO) is registered charity that provides confidential support, advice and advocacy and outreach to women and girls of Middle Eastern origin. We work to help women and girls who are facing gender based violence...

» November 2013 Quarterly Meeting notes


» September 2013 Quarterly Meeting notes


» K&C Mind HARP Group (Hoarding, Acquiring Recovery Planning)

The HARP Support Group is a new, monthly, facilitated self-help programme, for people who are motivated to develop strategies and actions to manage and modify compulsive hoarding behaviour...

» British Red Cross Refugees and Befriending Project

The British Red Cross runs four 'Refugees and Befriending Projects' (R'n'B) for young unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers aged 14-21. Our peer-led befriending projects are facilitated by peer-befrienders and adult volunteers...

» December 2012 Quarterly Meeting notes


» September 2012 Quarterly Meeting notes


» June 2012 Quarterly Meeting notes

» July 2013 Quarterly Meeting notes

» Free Days Out for Carers in Kensington and Chelsea

We also offer free training courses, complimentary therapies, other free events, talks and social meet-ups - booking essential...

» March 2011 Quarterly Meeting notes

» June 2011 Quarterly Meeting notes

» September 2011 Quarterly Meeting notes

» December 2011 Quarterly Meeting notes

» March 2012 Quarterly Meeting notes

Date & Time: 7th March 12, 10am – 1pm, Venue: The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, SW1P 3BU, Theme: Men’s Health & Wellbeing

» March 2013 Quarterly Meeting notes

Theme: Women’s Health & Wellbeing Date: 6th March 2013 Venue: Lighthouse West Lodon

» Domestic abuse and Sexual violence Information about Helpline services in your area

Please see below some information about domestic and sexual violence helplines that are funded by London Councils and available in your area...

» Psychological Therapies in languages other than English

Please note that all NHS psychological therapy services are obliged to provide an interpreter for people who are not fluent English speakers. This includes counselling services offered by GP practices as well as IAPT or other mental health services offered by CNWL or CLCH...

» Personalisation Project at the Chinese Mental Health Association

The Befriending Service at the Chinese Mental Health Association is running a pilot Personalisation project for ethnic Chinese sufferers of mental health. Personalisation is about giving people with needs, choice and control over their care, with support and resources provided by their local authority...

» Dementia Adviser Service in Westminster

The Westminster Dementia Adviser service provides advice, information and guidance to those who have received a diagnosis of dementia, as well as their families and supporters. As well as working in partnership with NHS...

» Housing Factsheet Library

Some housing factsheets on key housing issues. The fact sheets provide a very basic summary of the issue, the possible actions you can take, and who to contact for further information...

» North London Rape Crisis Service

North London Rape Crisis offers free, confidential counselling, advocacy and holistic therapies to women aged 14 and over who live, work or study in Islington, Camden, Westminster, Barnet, Enfield, Kensington and Chelsea and Haringey...

» Get Active! - Affordable activities for all abilities and ages at the Beethoven Centre

See details below for affordable activities for all abilities and ages available at the Beethoven Centre...

» Women's Wellbeing, Patient Empowerment and Mental Health & Wellbeing projects at Mosaic Community Trust

The Mosaic Community Trust’s Women’s Well-Being Project seeks to empower women who are socially disadvantaged. The Patient Empowerment and Engagement project aims to raise awareness in the local community on the availability and effective use primary care health services...

» Helpline for Maternity Services

The maternity helpline provides direct access to clinical support and advice to women and their families, irrespective of whether you are a patient of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, a visitor to the area or simply require information and support.

» Fit-for-Life - Free 8 week weight loss programme

This FREE eight week group behaviour change programme is designed to help the patients to lose weight, get fitter and make more informed choices about your diet and lifestyle...

» Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) - Westminster service

STRESSED, ANXIOUS, DEPRESSED? If you are finding it difficult to cope with feelings of anxiety or depression, we can offer quick and easy access to help and support...

» HELP Counselling - low cost short & long term counselling service

Based in Portobello Road, Notting Hill Gate, London, HELP Counselling Centre provides short & long-term counselling based on an affordable, sliding scale for people who need support in negotiating a crisis as well as for those who wish to consider their life patterns and choices...

» FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) Service

West London African Women's service - Community support and information...

» LIVING WELL - Wellbeing services

Living Well offers a wide range of high-quality health related services aimed at providing people with the skills they need to get the most out of life. Services include HIV service, Youth service and Community support service...

» South Westminster Centre for Health

Provides community and specialist dental services, district nursing, nutrition and dietetics, diabetes and podiatry (foot health) services, Speech and language therapy for children...

» Healthier Life for You blog

Healthier LIfe 4 You is a community organisation not for profit with charitable aims. We aim to promote Health and Wellbeing to local people in the community (Families, Children & Young people). As well as running Health workshops, we use Dance, Art & Craft and Leisure activities to enable service users to achieve emotional and Physical wellbeing...

» NHS videos aimed at newly arrived migrants in various languages

Here are a series of short films on how to use the NHS aimed at newly arrived migrants produced by the Black Health Agency. The film is available in English, Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi/Dari, French, Kurdish, Mandarin, Polish, Somali, Sylheti and Urdu...

» Independent Domestic Violence Advisory Service at ADVANCE

ADVANCE is a specialist domestic violence crisis intervention service. We support women who are assessed as being high or very high risk of continued domestic and sexual abuse and those at risk of being killed...

» GO4mental health

A website/ directory for mental health service users in Westminster...

» Deaf Hope Services

Deaf Hope is a new specialist domestic abuse service for Deaf women and children, and the first service of its kind in the UK. We have been established around 18 months and our current funding is...

» Westminster Wellbeing - Free NHS service promoting Health and Wellbeing

Westminster Wellbeing is a free NHS service promoting health and wellbeing within communities and organisations in Westminster. We provide a range of services which include training and workshops for community organisations...

» Counselling Directory - search for a counsellor or psychotherapist near you

Counselling Directory was set up as a free, confidential service to encourage those in distress to seek help. Visitors can read about different areas of distress, view useful articles written by counsellors and refine their...

» Help for your Family with Home-Start (Westminster)

We support ANY family in Westminster who needs us, providing there is at least 1 child under 5. Rich or poor, settled or transient.Our trained volunteers help to give encouragement and support to change the pattern of troubled lives...

» Fit for Work Service in Kensington & Chelsea now expanding to Westminster and Hammermith & Fulham

Fit for Work Service in Kensington & Chelsea now expanding to Westminster and Hammermith & Fulham

» Maternity Action Advice Line

Maternity Action’s Advice Line offers free confidential telephone support. We will listen to you and try to understand all the issues you are facing. We will then provide you with information that is relevant to you and your situation...

» Rape Crisis London

Rape Crisis London has four centres that offer help, information and support to women and girls who have experienced sexual violence of any kind, at any time of their lives...

» Breathe Easy Support Group

DO YOU LIVE IN PIMLICO AND SUFFER FROM A BREATHING PROBLEM? BREATHE EASY PADDINGTON is your Westminster patient support group, for anyone affected by a lung condition. We offer mutual support, information...

» Healthworks

HEALTHWORKS√ offers a range of services to help the residents of Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster and surrounding boroughs

» Substance misuse services - NEW three borough service

Turning Point and Blenheim have been commissioned to provide the new substance misuse service in Westminser, RBKC, and Hammersmith & Fulham. This service is named the Recovery & Wellbeing network and will transform the way that drug and alcohol services are provided locally...

» Public Health Training Service - RBKC

The Royal Borough can help your business. We offer award-winning training on Food Safety and Health and Safety. We also offer Environmental Principles training, Personal Licence Holders training and Customer Service Training...

» Health Centre for walk-in (unregistered) patients

The Halfpenny Steps Health Centre provides health services for registered and walk-in patients. It is staffed with a team of GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals to deliver a high quality, continuous service...

» Jobs/Volunteering